10 Hemp Seeds That Are High In CBD

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The first thing to think about as a hemp farmer is what end product you’re hoping to have after harvest. Hemp is such a diverse plant, you can grow it for a number of uses. Extracting CBD oil is one of the most lucrative, and also the most popular. Once you know you want to grow your hemp for CBD, you can back up to thinking about the seeds.

Growing for CBD means planting strains that are naturally high in the cannabinoid. This ensures you get the most out of your plants, and a high yield of extract. 

Go for the girl seeds

Before you pick your strain of hemp, make sure the wholesaler you’re purchasing from sells feminized seeds. Male plants are the enemy when it comes to CBD production. This is because once a male plant lets its pollen go, female plants shift their focus. Without males, they’re concerned about flowering, which also means making high levels of CBD and other cannabinoids. As soon as hemp pollen gets into the air, female plants think about reproduction. They start making seeds instead of flowers. CBD levels go down.

Buying feminized seeds means you have about a 0.1 percent change of getting a male plant. It gives you better odds of a productive crop. If any males do appear, remove them from your field as fast as possible. You can identify a male hemp plant by its pollen sacs, which appear during the pre-flowering stage.

Pick the right hemp strain

Hemp plants high in CBD will end up with between 5-20 percent CBD when harvested. Ingesting products derived from these strains can help with anxiety, stress, and even chronic pain. 

Extracting CBD from hemp is possible with almost any strain, but these are some of the best.

1. Lifter

Topping the list at an average 19 percent CBD, Lifter is a popular strain with energizing properties. It may help with productivity by reducing stress. With a lemony flavor, many find it easy to consume.

2. Elektra

At an 18 percent average CBD, Elektra is another energizing strain perfect for getting through a long day. Its effects can help you feel alert and motivated as a result of the high amount of terpenes in the strain. Its aroma combines pine and fruit.

3. White Rabbit

This strain gets mixed effects. At an average CBD Of 16 percent, some report feeling uplifted when ingesting White Rabbit. Others experience a more chill effect. With a taste inspired by citrus fruits, you’ll feel a tropical influence when ingested.

4. Suver Haze

Also at an average CBD volume of 16 percent, Suver Haze can have relaxing properties that may provide pain relief and muscle relaxation. With a high yield and a quick finish, it’s a popular strain for hemp farmers. The flavor profile includes notes of black pepper and sweet fruits.

5. Sour Space Candy

An extremely popular strain for consumers, Sour Space Candy has 15 percent average CBD content. It’s popularity stems from its potential to stimulate the mind and loosen up muscles. It may help you feel more talkative and social at a gathering. It’s also fun since it tastes like sour candy.

6. Hawaiian Haze

At an average of 14 percent CBD, Hawaiian Haze is known for its relaxing effects. Its pineapple and citrus flavor profile can make users feel like they’re on a tropical vacation. It tastes great and may help reduce anxiety and pain while improving relaxation and productivity.

7. Special Sauce 

This strain tends to hit each user differently, so approach with care the first time you try it. It’s a versatile strain with 14 percent CBD, on average. From a mix of tranquility to creativity, the sweet combination of berries and sandalwood can make Special Sauce particularly pleasant.

8. Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine has a reputation for its possible calming and therapeutic effects. At 13 percent CBD, on average, the strain attracts people suffering from chronic pain and inflammation for potential relief. The sweet smell of cherries accompanies the strain when ingested.

9. Remedy

Another strain that averages out at 13 percent CBD, Remedy may help relieve migraines. It can provide clear-headed relaxation that may help you grab a quick nap. A highly medical strain, you may also see relief from seizures, pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Remedy has a lemony pine scent.

10. Bubba Kush

Rounding out our list is the well-known Bubba Kush. At an average of 11 percent CBD, it’s still very high in the cannabinoid. The combination of relaxing and refreshing sensations often associated with the strain may make it perfect to take before bed. With hints of wood and citrus, it’s another winner from the Kush family of cannabis.

Plan your hemp crop for the best outcome

Knowing why you’re growing hemp, and picking the best strain to plant is only the start of the process. It’s about understanding an entire industry. Different hemp strains are available at different times, so the one you want might not be available. What happens then?
The best way to find the top CBD producers when it comes to hemp seeds is to consult with an expert. At Arbor Vita8, we’ve heard or seen it all. We understand the importance of finding the right seed as well as the best wholesaler. Our inventory of hemp seeds are of the highest quality, but our support doesn’t stop there. Our team of experienced experts guide hemp farmers through the whole process. We then offer superior services when it comes to drying, processing, and making that final sale. To learn more, contact us today.


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