5 Ways CBD May Help With Your Workout

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With the legalization of hemp, people across the U.S. are now able to try products containing certain cannabinoids. These are the compounds that may have beneficial properties for those who use them. CBD is the most well-known because it’s produced in the largest quantities. Others include CBN, CBG, and CBC.

While researchers continue to study the potential uses for these products, many people have their own experiences to suggest there are benefits to using hemp-derived products.

Using CBD for daily activities

Even though CBD comes from the same cannabis plant as its infamous cousin, THC, it interacts differently with the body. CBD doesn’t produce the psychoactive effects you get when consuming THC. That means no spacing out, no munchies, no disconnect. As a result, CBD may allow you to feel a general sense of relaxation that’s just enough to help ease discomfort, lower anxiety, and make your day a little bit better.

While all users have their own experience with CBD, it’s always best to consult a doctor before adding it to your daily routine. It’s also advised to start with a lower dose and increase slowly to monitor how CBD impacts you.

Getting ready to work out

Whether you go into your workout needing a little boost or want to treat sore muscles afterward, CBD may be able to help. It’s potential to serve as an anti-inflammatory or natural way to calm the body may provide some relief for those who work out hard. Here are a few ways to consider using CBD to possibly enhance your workout experience.

1. A beneficial breakfast

Nobody wants to work out with a heavy breakfast sitting in their stomach. Instead grab a protein smoothie to charge you up before you sweat out those valuable electrolytes. Add in a few drops of CBD oil to your smoothie of choice to hit the gym with plenty of energy and a body ready to work.

2. Part of your pre-workout

If you go into your workout on an empty stomach, try a CBD tincture. Using a tincture allows for the fastest absorption into the bloodstream. This can help you with focus and to loosen muscles up before a workout. You also have exact control over dosage. Placing a few drops under your tongue while in the locker room changing for your workout may make exercising more endurable.

3. Muscle pulls in the moment

Feeling a muscle tweak while you’re working out can derail your plans to really exert yourself. Whether the discomfort lingers or not, it may not have to follow you through your entire workout. Keep some CBD balm close by to apply directly to a pinched nerve or strained muscle. It may reduce the inflammation enough to let you finish your workout without any physical distractions.

4. Post-workout recovery

Treating areas of your body that worked extra hard during your workout, afterward, can help reduce the chances of strained muscles later in the day. Topical solutions containing CBD help focus relief on a single area, working well for this type of site-specific treatment. Users find that CBD lotions or balms can be a good treatment to reduce inflammation and soothe sore or swollen muscles.

5. All-day treatment

It’s not out of the ordinary to experience a delayed reaction to a new or rigorous workout. Feeling discomfort or pain hours later as your muscles stiffen or become inflamed is distracting, not to mention uncomfortable. For those wishing to use CBD to manage workout pain all day, CBD gummies are discrete and work fast. You can carry them with you at all times, making it easy to grab one no matter where you are.

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