98 Percent CBD, But What’s In The Other 2? Click Here!

We’ve all seen the labels as we’re shopping for our favorite CBD products. It’s what we’re looking for when it comes to quality and purity.

98 percent CBD.

Yes, it’s almost pure, but what exactly is in the other 2 percent?

The complexity of cannabis

We don’t always think of plants as overly-complex things, but they are so much more than stems, leaves and flowers. In fact, the cannabis plant contains more than 120 naturally-occurring cannabinoids. This includes popular favorites like CBD, CBG, and even THC.

In addition to this hemp compound, the plant also contains at least 17 different terpenes. This particular item helps give hemp its aroma. Based on genetics, different terpenes are present in different strains. This is why you get unique odors and flavor profiles, making terpenes almost as essential as cannabinoids.

While the sheer number of these two compounds easily illustrate why cannabis is such a complex plant, they’re only two of the plant’s many elements. We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to complexity.

The lesser-known cannabis compounds

Cannabis wouldn’t be complete without an array of extra, lesser-known elements. These often get lumped into the category of ‘plant matter.’ This includes:

  • Terpenoids — these occur after the flower of the hemp plant gets dried and cured. Unlike their cousin, terpenes, terpenoids have been chemically modified.
  • Flavonoids — about 21 different flavonoids occur in hemp. They’re part of one of the largest nutrient families known to scientists and may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Esters — an inactive compound within hemp, esters are also everywhere in nature. They occur when an alcohol bonds with a carboxylic acid and greatly contribute to how something smells.
  • Fatty acids — hemp also naturally contains linoleic and linolenic acids, making the plant a good dietary source of essential fatty acids. You’ll also find a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acid as well.

This is only the start of the additional compound list within the cannabis plant. There’s also the collection of oils and waxes which come in handy for a variety of hemp-derived products as the plant gets processed. Like we said, the plant is complex.

The mash up of the other 2 percent

So, the simple answer is, when you have a product that’s 98 percent CBD, the other 2 percent is an assortment of natural, leftover plant materials. It’s a combination of some of those lesser-known plant elements, a little sugar, and even known compounds who undergo a change from their natural state during processing.

They get grouped together since, alone, these compounds are hard to measure after processing. We know they’re in the mixture based on purity tests, but it’s nearly impossible to break that 2 percent down into specific compounds. This is why you have the ‘plant matter’ category.

The good news is that the other 2% is still natural plant material found in hemp, so regardless of what cannabinoid is the focus, you’re getting 100% hemp

Superior products no matter the percentages

No matter the exact breakdown of hemp compounds in your products, you want to buy what you can trust. This means looking for items with transparency regarding their ingredients. You don’t just want to know that a product is 98 percent CBD. You should also know what else is in there.
At Arbor Vita8, we not only third-party test all our hemp-derived products, but list our ingredients directly in our online store. You’re not only getting a superior, competitively-priced product, but one you can trust. Visit our online store today to learn more and start shopping.


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