A Recap On Pain & CBD featuring Riley Kirk, PhD

The hemp space’s growths in recent years is really something to special. There’s are many new chances for new studies. There’s also more information being released that touts the impact of cannabinoids on users. Today, we’ll be doing a review of the relationship between pain and CBD.

Our resource center has a ton of articles featuring Riley Kirk. Also, there’s been a recent series on pain and CBD in our archives. Today’s clip shows her recapping the biggest takeaways from each. Read on below for more details! Also, be sure to like, comment and follow Riley’s Tik Tok!

The Science Behind CBD

Riley begins the clip with a recap of some of the processes behind cbd and pain. She notes that “pain signals [go] from one neuron to the other, always in” a specific direction. “Your endocannabinoid system is unique because it works in the opposite direction.”

Once they reach their destination, they also block pain signals from reaching receptors. As a result, “less pain will be experienced by you.” It’s wild know that such profound effects come from a plant! Check out the clip for a full breakdown from Riley.

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