A Study From Glastonbury: Riley Kirk Explains

We’re back with another Arbor Vita8, Riley Kirk mash up! Today, Riley is discussing an interesting study conducted in the wake of the annual Glastonbury Music Festival, held in England. The historic music event has lasted over 5 decades, bringing out top talent to entertain the masses. It’s attendance even grew up to the hundreds of thousands at one point!

The study Riley is quoting points to “how the drug use at that festival impacted the local wildlife… it might surprise you!” Read on to learn of the study’s results! Also, be sure to show Riley’s TikTok some love. She has tons of informative content that will answer any questions you may have about hemp and cannabis.

It Comes From The River

Riley explains that there’s a river deceptively close to the Glastonbury festival grounds. Researchers “tested before, after, and during the festival, upstream… and downstream from the river, along with another,” neighboring water source. The water from the downstream was found to have a colossal level of drugs.

The levels were so high in fact, that they were proven to jeopardize the surrounding “aquatic life”. There are even exotic, near extinct organisms that are put at further risk from this exposure. But where did these illicit deposits come from? Believe it or not, it’s from festival goers urinating in the river.

Eco-Friendly With Riley & Arbor Vita8

Prior to the festival’s hiatus post-Covid, there were already efforts towards lessening this issue. Several signs directing attendees to use the on site restrooms were erected. They even specified steering clear of the rivers to drive the point home further. With the festival slated to resume in 2022, we hope these efforts will continue!

That said, you can support further eco-friendly efforts by partnering with Arbor Vita8! Hemp is at the root of many pro-earth causes, and it’s believed it’s use as a substitute will help assuage many of these existing problems. Contact us today about services!


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