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Although, since its explosion onto the market a few short years ago, CBD has become a popular ingredient for products you eat and smoke, the cannabinoid has many other possibilities. It’s now becoming a go-to ingredient across the board, in everything from the makeup you use to the lotions and topical products you apply.

This variety is a testament to the potential of this amazing cannabinoid. Not only is it possible for you to experience benefits when you ingest it, but also when you apply it to your skin.

Understanding why CBD can produce effects topically, and where to find the best products is essential when it’s time to go shopping.

What is a CBD balm?

When thinking about the potential benefits of CBD, many of us automatically gravitate toward user experiences where there’s a reduction in anxiety and stress levels. However, CBD has also been known to work as an anti-inflammatory. When applying it topically you may notice sore muscles loosen up, and any swelling or irritation on your skin improves. This is because CBD as a balm or lotion allows the helpful cannabinoid to get absorbed into your skin, so it can go to work fast.

Lotions won’t always do the trick when you’re working with skin and muscle issues, and balms offer up an alternative. A balm is like a lotion, but thicker. It’s an ideal product to use when targeting a small area, such as your joints, hands, and feet. As it works to soothe, it should also nourish dry skin and protect it. When you add CBD to this product, you not only get a skin protectant, but the added potential benefits of CBD.

What’s the right way to use CBD balm?

CBD balm is easy to use and you can re-apply throughout the day if necessary. Before applying, it’s best to clean the area, and your hands first. The cleaner your skin, the easier it absorbs the CBD.

Apply the balm with moderate pressure, grabbing a generous portion. Make sure you rub it in all the way too.

After you’re done applying the balm, make sure to wash your hands to keep the balm away from places you wouldn’t want it, especially your face. Balm can irritate eyes, and its consistency can cause acne if left on your face.

Why do people like this?

CBD balm users claim they like it for its varied uses. It may reduce muscle pain and inflammation, but there’s so much more potential. Applying CBD balm to the right spots could potentially help heal small cuts, soothe pressure points to help you feel relaxed, address patches of eczema or psoriasis, and even treat wrinkles.

The benefits you’ll see, when using CBD balm, may vary from what others experience, but overall, consumers are finding a variety of uses for this product, putting it in high demand.

Where do I purchase high-quality CBD topical products?

At Arbor Vita8, we understand what it takes to create a superior CBD Balm, and you’ll find our full-spectrum product available in our online store. With an absorption rate over 70 percent, our balm uses naturally grown hemp, sourced in the U.S. We also use a third party lab to test our balm for efficacy and safety.

Additionally, our CBD balm includes other ingredients known to soothe inflammation and soreness, allowing the product to work for you in a number of ways. In addition to the full-spectrum CBD, you’ll find camphor oil, menthol, lidocaine, and more to give you a high-quality product.

We know that our competitive pricing and strict attention to quality and purity means our CBD Balm stands above the competition. Try it yourself and let us know what you think.


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