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The market is huge for hemp-derived products, but with so many options, it’s confusing to pick the right item. Especially if you’re new to hemp, it’s a lot. You have to decide which type of product you want, then you have to consider which cannabinoid to focus on. Luckily, Arbor Vita8 is here to help narrow it all down for you.

We’re sure you’ve heard of CBD, the most popular cannabinoid out there, but ever consider trying something different? Like CBN?

What is CBN?

Sometimes referred to as the first cannabinoid, cannabinol, or CBN, was actually the first compound discovered in the hemp plant. While it didn’t gain any real traction back then, scientists are looking at its potential now and seeing some positive possibilities.

Naturally occurring in very small amounts within most hemp strains, geneticists are working hard today to engineer plants with a higher level of CBN in them. The alternative for farmers is to plant larger crops so there are more plants to put through extraction, or leave harvested hemp exposed to heat or oxygen longer. When you do that, any THC in the plant degrades into CBN.

CBN’s potential lies in its ability to relax some users. Those who currently enjoy the cannabinoid have found it helps reduce anxiety, can stimulate appetite, and can even step in as an antibacterial to fight bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics. Its primary use today, based on consumer feedback though, relates to sleep.

What’s the right way to use a tincture?

Tinctures are an ideal delivery method when it comes to CBN. They provide a fast and discreet application that enables you to use it anywhere. Simply place a drop or two under your tongue, and hold the liquid there for 1-2 minutes. This improves absorption rates so that you feel any effects of the CBN quicker. This happens because the tincture goes straight into your bloodstream rather than having to travel through your stomach to get digested.

Carrying a small bottle of CBN tincture with you means you can quickly take a few drops whenever you need them most. And while everyone has a different experience with CBN, if it’s a compound you’ve already tried, you can expect similar results to occur faster with a tincture.

What about CBN and sleep?

The most interesting potential benefit of CBN is in its impact on your ability to sleep. Many consumers find the cannabinoid works as a sleep aid, relaxing them enough to get a good night’s rest. This is huge since lack of sleep is a common problem in American adults.

While it’s not a verified remedy for insomnia yet, studies are showing the cannabinoid does do well in helping create a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Where do I buy a high-quality CBN tincture?

Offering a superior CBN Sleep Tincture, Arbor Vita8 uses pure CBN isolate, grown in the U.S. With third-party testing, and zero THC guaranteed, our tincture is a perfect addition to anyone’s evening routine. We mix our CBN isolate with coconut oil to create this perfect support supplement that’s easy to take each night.
With competitive pricing that makes our products more accessible, and a strict attention to quality and purity, our CBN Sleep Tincture outshines the competition. Come shop on our online store to check it out.


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