AV8 Goes Global Again: Planting Roots In Australia

The sky is truly the limit for Arbor Vita8! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be extending our processing efforts beyond our borders. Through a new partnership with Botanic Wellness USA, we’ll be “[processing] pure Australian hemp.” We’ll begin with smaller quantities, with eyes also pointed towards immense growth. It’s a foot in the door to endless potential for the future of the Australian hemp industry.

Our initial main focus will be on CBD Distillate for Botanic Wellness’s inventory. You can also learn more details about our processing services by checking out our menu, here! Read on for more on our burgeoning partnership.


Hemp In Australia

Though hemp wasn’t always legal in Australia, it still carries a steeped history in the area. Legend has it some of the most historical colonization efforts were fueled by hemp fiber demand. Its industrial use as fiber also carries on to this very day! 

Even as other industries began taking the main stage, it remained a viable commodity across a variety of mediums. It wasn’t until its vilifying by America, also coupled with the rise of the petroleum industry that its legs were cut from under it. Fast forward to present day, and all that lost opportunity is finally finding its way back to center.

What Arbor Vita8 Brings To The Table

That brings us to our current efforts. We’ll be using our combined expertise to ensure top of the line treatment. Also, as our press release states, we’ll “process the incoming Australian hemp in [our] Phenix City facility, using [our] fully-automated, no-touch processor and food-grade solvent for… maximum safety.” As always, we’ll spare no expense in seeing to the product’s proper care. 

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About Our Partners

Botanic Wellness “is an end-to-end, seed-to-retail CBD company.” If you’re looking for quality hemp genetics, these are the people you need to speak to! As evidenced by our partnership, their reach is both domestic and global, including “the USA, the UK, Europe, and Australia.” You can also learn more by checking out their webpage, here.

Assisting with the drying part of our process will be our great friends over at Straight Arrow Hemp. Also, for those who follow our blog posts, you’ve likely heard their names mentioned before. They’re a full service hemp company that offers logistics, processing, and retail services.

Arbor Vita8 Worldwide

From the start, one of our goals was to take Arbor Vita8 global. This is only the beginning in a list of aspirations that we’ve been fortunate enough to make real. Also, to know that at its root, this is a sign of the hemp industry and greater hemp culture’s advancement, is the icing on the cake.

Do you have further questions about the hemp industry, yet can’t find the answers? Is there a specific processing, bulk, or retail service that our expertise can assist with? Don’t hesitate to reach out! You can send us correspondence via our contact page, here. We look forward to hearing from you! 


The Best Hemp Extraction Services in Alabama

Arbor Vita8 offers hemp extraction services that are both cost-effective and efficient. Our advanced facilities manage high-volume extractions with ease. We produce the highest quality CBD and CBG oil and distillates. Let us transform your hemp into the ideal products manufacturers are looking to buy. Contact us today to learn more about our extraction technology and our other seed-to-sale services. 

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