AV8 Journal Review: Canada’s Take On CBD

For our latest journal review, we’ll be looking at a 2021 study of CBD from Canada. A clinic located in the country looked “to assess the impact of CBD-rich treatment on symptom burden, as measured with a specific symptom assessment scale.” The burdens surveyed include “pain, anxiety, depression symptoms, and wellbeing.”

Almost 300 subjects were observed in three check in cycles over a six month period. Read on to hear more about the study! For more of our Journal Review series, simply visit our resources tab and search “Journal Review”. Our goal is to keep you aware of all the latest news in the space.

Slight To Severe Symptoms And How Their Results Differ

The results of the study were intriguing, to say the least! Those dealing with slight symptoms reported little change in their treatment. But those dealing with more intense symptoms reported an overall positive impact after use.

This is of course limited to the restrictions of a small test group. But as hemp becomes more accepted and popular across the globe, the need for grander studies is evident! We join the authors in calling for more dedicated research on the subject to further solidify CBD’s benefits.

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