AV8 Journal Review: Cannabinoid Synthase

We’re back with another issue of our recurring Journal Review series. Today, we’ll be looking at an article that’s exploring cannabinoid synthase, and where it can be found. Funny enough, this sounds like something our good friend Dr. Kirk would have covered on her prolific Tik Tok feed.

That’s because she has! Dr. Kirk has several clips where she breaks down cannabinoid receptors in great detail. Check out her catalog; she’s always sharing some new groundbreaking information about the field. But back to the matter: so what’s the deal with Cannabis Synthase? Read on to learn more!

What Is It?

Let’s begin with a brief definition. Cannabinoid Synthase refers to “phytocannabinoid synthesizing enzymes.” They are more commonly referred to as THCAs and CBDAs. Given their unique structure, there came a call for more academic study of these enzymes. “We searched for THCAs and CBDAs genes in organisms other than Cannabis plants using the database available in NCBI.”

The results showed that these enzymes are littered throughout plant life. The variation that showed the most promise? The “Morus notabilis from [the] mulberry family.” The authors conclude the piece by making recommendations for future studies, including further review of each synthase outside of cannabis.

Expanding Hemp Knowledge With Arbor Vita8

At Arbor Vita8, we value having access to academic information about our field. It helps to reinforce why this is a worthwhile space. It’s not about success or profits, it’s about sourcing hemp for the valuable resource that it is. From pain management, to anxiety relief and appetite stimulation, it helps across the board.

Ready to learn more about hemp and its various iterations? Browse our lengthy resource tab, packed with articles covering every aspect of the hemp space. For further questions, head over to our contact page! We look forward to hearing from you!


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