AV8 Journal Review: CBD & Cognitive Dysfunction

Arbor Vita8 is back with another gripping piece on the potential for CBD in the medical field. The latest in our journal review series focuses on a study examining the relationship between CBD and cognitive dysfunction. The piece not only looks at people, but cats as well!

The piece begins things on a very realistic note. “As the population grows older, there is an increase of age-related diseases.” What may not be as well known, is that cats share many of these, including common “cognitive dysfunction.” Exploring CBD in this regard has yielded some interesting results; learn more below!

What Felines & Humans Have In Common

The common thread between this dysfunction in people and pets is it “[results] in cognitive decline and [lacks] effective treatments.” The article makes the case that CBD may have the potential to address these concerns. This stems from evidence proving it “potentially [treats] several of the pathologies found in both conditions.”

The overall goal of the articles is to call for further dedicated study on the matter. There seems to be real promise for CBD to assist, though past restrictions have resulted in a lack of real quantitative data. Check out the piece in full here!

Arbor Vita8 & CBD

As more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to keep you abreast and up to date on all things hemp. Our extensive blog section is dedicated to keeping everyone aware of the industry’s goings on. Be sure to check in frequently for new installments of our journal review series. It’s updated weekly!

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