AV8 Journal Review: CBD In The UK

It’s interesting to see the trends in hemp around the globe. Many places are seeing a similar boom in the space, with hemp being newly legal in several areas. Today’s AV8 Journal Review comes courtesy of news from our friends across the pond (UK)!

Much like the US, hemp’s new change in legal status in the UK has spotlighted the need for further academic and medical study. “There is no clear consensus among healthcare professionals and organizations over how to manage CBD use in their patients.” Read on for a deeper dive into the topic!

English Medical Professionals On CBD

“CBD is a constituent of ‘medicinal and recreational cannabis’ and is gaining support in the scientific literature and lay media for use in physical and mental health problems.” The authors decided this was enough to probe leaders in the health space on their perspectives on CBD. They accomplished this via a brief survey of around “2000 clinical staff… in South West London”.

Almost 200 responses were returned, and the overwhelming majority demonstrated a positive attitude toward CBD. However, the lack of overall medical study has made it difficult to prescribe on a foundational basis. Suggestions for future study included a metric for assessing any potential biases towards cannabis as a whole.

Arbor Vita8

While the common thread of this and similar studies points to a need for further academic exploration, it’s still a plus that these discussions are happening.  It means more professionals are finding their fingers on the pulse of hemp and cannabis. This bodes well for its overall expansion moving forward.

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