AV8 Journal Review: CBD Informational Pathways

It seems like now more than ever there are advertisements for CBD products all around. What was once a taboo subject is now plastered across nearly every form of media available. But what motivates a person to want to try CBD? A recent study seeks to answer the question: what informational pathways most commonly inspire a person to give it a shot?

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GoFundMe For CBD?

The authors of this study actually took an interesting route to their findings on informational pathways. They surveyed crowdsourcing efforts with CBD at their foundation. The fundraisers observed didn’t meet their goals, but were still successful in raising in the six figures in donations.

The overall results showed that “consumers… come to CBD through internally motivated reasons versus exposure to advertisements or other forms of marketing.” In short, it’s more common that a person choosing CBD has already heard of it, and by now is making a personal choice. Many of the crowdsourcing were as a result of “an unmet medical need that other forms of treatment were not satisfying.”

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