AV8 Journal Review: CBD & Larval Zebrafish

We’re excited to return with yet another entry of our Journal review series! Science continues to expand its exploration of hemp and cannabis to interesting conclusions! Today, we’ll tackle a new study that shows the impact of THC and also CBD on larval zebrafish. “The zebrafish is an omnivorous small specie easy to keep and readily reproducing in [a] laboratory.” They are also often sought as a great tool for behavior studies.

This also made it the perfect candidate for research to test its relationship with THC & CBD. The results showed “the effect of whole-plant cannabis extracts… on normal behavior of zebrafish larvae.” Read on to learn more!

Examining The Results

The process for this study includes a combination of cannabis and hemp fusions. These included “high amounts of THC, high amounts of CBD, high but equal amounts of THC and CBD, or low but equal amounts of THC and CBD. DanioVision behavioral tracking systems and software” were used to track any such changes in the larval zebrafish.

The results were quite interesting! “It was found that the whole-plant extracts that contained high levels of THC had similar effects on larval behavior. The high CBD and low THC:CBD extracts also produced distinct effects on normal larval behavior.”

Arbor Vita8 & Hemp Literature

Like many contemporary studies, this effort sets up the guidelines that command deeper exploration in endeavors down the line. In this case, it “will be useful for comparing the bioactivity of extracts from different cannabis chemotypes as well as extracts made through various heating processes.”

You can read the article in its entirety here. For those seeking more information on processing services, wholesale, retail, etc., for hemp, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can also submit your information via our contact page for the quickest response. We look forward to hearing from you!


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