AV8 Journal Review: CBD Use In France

At Arbor Vita8, we’re constantly intrigued to hear of global instances of hemp culture. If you’re like us, then you’ll love this new study out of France for our Journal review series! It aims to determine user motivations when it comes to hemp. It’s important to know what and why certain trends are occurring beyond domestic borders.

The study was a comprehensive survey of a considerable target group. They “performed logistic regressions to identify the correlates of declaring well-being and other specific reasons for using cannabidiol. [They] also provided descriptive data regarding the cannabidiol patterns of use.”

Why The French Use CBD

“Well-being was the most cited primary reason for use,” with over a quarter of the test group from France copping to this. This includes “stress and sleep improvements,” which mirrors much of the common use seen here in the United States. The study also showed that most people smoked and ingested their CBD when using.

The study was sure to compare this use to that of tobacco and marijuana products as well. You can read a more complete assessment of its findings at this link. The authors advocate for even further study with a bigger scope and control group. Still, the current findings are major. Knowing why people use CBD gives the culture a greater chance at growing.

Opening Doors For Hemp With Arbor Vita8

It’s important to mention that this is a small group. Hence the call for bigger and more resource driven studies. Efforts like these will help in the continued effort of opening more doors for hemp.

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