AV8 Journal Review: CBD’s Anti Diabetic Effects

Welcome back to our weekly Arbor Vita8 Journal review series. We have yet another compelling topic lined up for you today! To start, CBD has an impact on multiple different ailments and conditions. There’s still more academic research needed to complete around these findings, and luckily, more becomes available by the day. Today, we’ll be reviewing a recent study covering the anti-diabetic effects of CBD.

The beauty here is that, there’s already existing studies to show these effects. “But its inhibitory effects on α-glucosidase, a carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzyme, also remain unknown.” As such, the study’s authors sought to shed light on this area. Read on to learn more!

Reviewing The Results

The authors found their goal of proving anti diabetic effects via “in vitro assays and computational studies… in a yeast enzymatic assay, and also by molecular docking. AutodockTools 1.5.6 [performed] the molecular docking.”

The results showed mild success in proving their theory, though like most other contemporary research, it needs a greater scope and further testing. It’s important to remember the limitations of each study, to ensure a full grasp of its context. The article is available in full at this link. It goes into much further detail regarding how the authors conducted the study, and makes for a great read!

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