AV8 Journal Review: Industrial Hemp In Ghana

Arbor Vita8 is back with another entry in our recurring journal review series. Today, we’ll be reviewing an article from June of 2021 detailing the recent legalization of industrial hemp in Ghana. The piece speaks to what’s on the horizon for the country in the wake of such potential!

Like many other places in the world, Ghana’s legislation reflects an opposition to the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Cbd, on the other hand, is known for being non psychoactive. This has opened the door for hemp and its versatility to stimulate the country’s economy in the present. But also, this first step bodes well for future growth! Read on to learn more.

Hemp Has A Variety Of Uses

By now, you’ve likely heard about hemp’s federal legalization in the United States. But this is only one step in a line of hemp positive trends across the globe. This is due to its ability to be used in a myriad of different circumstances. Of course, you can source and process it for bulk and wholesale material. But in Ghana, they’ll be looking at it from more of an industrial point of view.

The article in question notes how “industrial hemp… is very useful in making medicine, paper, and textiles.” The authors gathered resources to show that “Ghana has both the land and workforce to produce hemp to feed local industries and the international market.”

Going Global With Arbor Vita8

Please be sure to read the article in full. You can access its content here. Also, know that no one is more excited about such prospects than your friends here at Arbor Vita8.

We’ve actually just broken ground on our global efforts. Via a recent deal with Botanic Wellness, USA, with some added help from our friends at Straight Arrow Hemp, AV8 will be bringing its processing services to Australia! Stay tuned for more information on that as it becomes available. For any other questions, contact us today!


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