AV8 Journal Review: Testing DOFS Samples

There are several forms of drug testing for centers to choose from. Hair follicles, urine, fecal matter, and liquid oral fluid all can tell the tale of what’s been in a person’s system. A recent study has found that there are new means of testing oral samples, even when they’ve dried. These are known as “dried oral fluid spots (DOFS).”

The study aims to test if this approach is effective in spotting THC and CBD use. Read on for a full breakdown of the study’s results. You can also read the study in full at this link.

Is DOFS Effective?

“(DOFS) is a simple and a low-cost sampling technique [showing] improved stability compared to liquid samples, allowing for the possibility to preserve the specimens under various temperature and humidity conditions. ” This would be the first time the method is tested using cannabinoids. The piece cites the tools user friendliness as a high point for potential usefulness.

The article goes into further detail about how the team tested their samples. Overall, the results would prove to “[show] low recoveries.” Still, it revealed a potential to “improve cannabinoids screening in oral fluid, as it shows adequate LOD and stability over time.”

Arbor Vita8

The main value in DOFS lies in time sensitive situations. Since it takes time for the sample to dry, this takes the pressure off of situations where transportation times are staggered. For example, it can help “[screen] drivers under possible drug influence by facilitating sample transportation and temporary storage in dried spot form.”

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