AV8 Journal Review: Treating Pain With Cannabis Products

As our extensive blog list shows, there’s a lot of discussion about treating pain with cannabis. The further that hemp’s legality and overall culture spreads, the more ads we’ll start to see touting its potential effects. But is its bark worth the bite?

Today we’ll be reviewing a study that seeks to assess its claims of pain relief versus the actual outcome. They place a specific focus on both human and canine use. Through self-report surveys, they were able to see what the people who use these products are actually saying, and why they do. Learn more below!

What The Stats Say

Researchers used “self-report data on respondents’ perceptions, motivations, and expectations about their or their dog’s chronic pain and cannabis use.” The target demographic was the perspective of adults living in the states. Results included claims of “reducing pain, increasing relaxation, and improving sleep, coping, functionality… and well being.

Also, the qualitative data suggests that cannabis products offer a return to normalcy and a restored sense of self to human and dog patients.” Overall, people seem to feel that this is a natural option as opposed to its pharma counterparts. They note feeling as though the cannabis products are more efficient in treating pain.

Hemp Products From Arbor Vita8

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