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The legalization of hemp has made it a more commonplace product. Consumers are using it to both start and end their days in addition to experiencing its potential benefits in relation to a specific activity. Here’s a quick look at CBD for professional bodybuilders.

For David, a national bodybuilder, he’s found CBD to be helpful post-workout. He uses a CBD tincture to help himself calm down and relax after hitting the gym, and to help strained muscles recover.

Using CBD as part of a workout routine is becoming more common for users who experience benefits from the cannabinoid in general. David has seen so much personal success, he even recommends it to other athletes he coaches in the gym.

Here are some ways you can add CBD to your workout.

Before you hit the gym

CBD is a shoe-in for bodybuilders. Some users, like David, prefer to use it after their workout. But, others find it useful to take before they even begin. A few ways you can incorporate CBD into your pre-workout is to:

  • Add a few drops to a protein smoothie to ensure you’re not working out on an empty stomach.

Those who utilize this strategy may feel a stronger clarity and even an energy boost. Some have even noticed it loosens muscles.

During your workout

Often, bodybuilders go hard at the gym. This level of exercise can produce muscle pulls and strains in the moment, and you don’t want them to derail your progress. For those who just have to get through the exercise routine each day, CBD may help. Applying a little CBD balm directly to an inflamed area allows some users to finish their workout without the distraction of bodily pain.

Once exercising if over

Muscle discomfort can easily flare up again post-workout, and again, users who find CBD useful may resort to its potential to help with pain and inflammation. Either by taking another dose of tincture, like David, or putting on a little more CBD balm, you’re able to keep CBD active in your system.

Maintaining quality when mixing CBD and exercise

For professional athletes especially, it’s important to take only quality CBD products as part of your workout routine. Because research is still underway on the effectiveness of CBD, as well as what constitutes a legal product, you do need to approach CBD carefully.

The first step is making sure you’re following the directions on the product’s packing. You want to make sure you’re taking the proper dose at the right frequency. If you notice a decrease in effect, you may need to get a more potent product.

Next is checking the ingredients. You want to ensure your CBD products contain no more than 0.3 percent THC. Anything higher, and the product is no longer considered hemp. That means it’s not legal in every state in the U.S. The only safe way to travel with CBD or use it while you’re on the road is to ensure it’s a legal, hemp-derived product with the right amount of THC in it, if any at all.

Lastly, know your source. There are varying levels of quality when it comes to the hemp-derived products out there. The legalization of hemp flooded the market with entrepreneurs looking to sell products, and not everyone puts in the right time, or has the right skill, to make something worth spending your money on. Make sure your vendor knows their stuff and prioritizes quality at every stage of the production process.

Think CBD may work for your workout?

Luckily, the same CBD for bodybuilders is just as beneficial for everyone else. If you’re thinking about using CBD at any stage in your workout, start with a trial run first. You want to make sure you’re using it at the right time to get the highest level of benefits while you exercise.

It’s also worthwhile to experiment with different types of products. At Arbor Vita8, we offer both tinctures and balms to accommodate users. Our tinctures come in three different flavors — chocolate mint, orange, and natural. We also offer multiple levels of potency and both full-spectrum and THC-free options. Tinctures are an easy way to quickly ingest CBD and absorb it into your system. A fast-acting product, you can take it at any point during a workout without waiting long for results.
To learn more about our hemp-derived products, and do a little shopping, visit our online store today.


David DeMesquita:

David DeMesquita, a national bodybuilder and professional coach, here to talk to you about one of the best things I use; CBD by Arbor Vita8. I use it with myself as well as athletes, after my workout, to calm back down to relax, and as well as start the recovery process-

Speaker 2:

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