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I don’t know about you, but in my experience, it’s impossible to get a cat to do something they don’t want to do. Even if it’s for their own health and well being, if they’re not into something, it won’t happen.

This is particularly frustrating for cat owners with an anxious pet. Cat anxiety can cause a number of problems to pop up, and they’re usually messy to deal with. Yes, I’m talking about them using the entire house as a litter box.

One way to deal with this, find a way to entice them with the right flavor.

Dealing with an anxious cat

Cat anxiety links to their sense of fear. Whether rational or not, cats feel anxious when they anticipate danger. Even if they’re imagining it, or overreacting, the feelings are real. Cats with anxiety look stressed most of the time. They seem afraid for no obvious reason.

Typical signs of cat anxiety include:

  • Over-grooming, which can lead to bald spots or sores.
  • Issues using the litter box and signs of an upset stomach.
  • Withdrawal from human interaction that includes hiding more often and becoming less active.
  • Trembling.
  • An increased desire to escape.
  • Behavior that’s destructive or aggressive.
  • Loss of appetite and decrease in weight.

More serious conditions can also develop, including cat OCD and severe separation anxiety. With separation anxiety, your cat may seem fine as long as you’re around, so you may miss the signs of their condition. With OCD, you’ll see excessive, repetitive behavior, just like in a human with the illness. These can include eating, sucking, chewing on furniture, constant pacing, and making repetitive sounds.

Regardless of the signs, and what’s motivating the anxiety, you can’t ignore it. For the well-being of your furry friend, you must deal with an anxious cat.

Using CBD for treatment

Bringing your vet into the discussion about your cat’s anxiety is the best place to start when getting your pet help. Your vet can effectively evaluate the situation and decide whether medication is necessary or if a more natural choice will work. There are essential oil diffusers meant to reduce stress in your cats, but there is also CBD.

Using a CBD pet tincture is an easy and effective way to administer CBD to your cat. First, read the directions thoroughly to ensure you provide the proper dose. Next, place the right amount of tincture directly onto a treat or piece of food like Trey does in the video. As the cat chews, the tincture gets absorbed through the tissue inside the mouth and on the tongue, making the treatment fast.

While CBD is still under review as a treatment for cat anxiety, users like Trey are noticing positive changes within their own cats that suggest it may be an effective treatment.

Luring them in with a flavor they can’t resist

To entice cats to take CBD, the team at Arbor Vita8 carefully considered the options for flavoring our CBD Pet Tincture. Since cats are primarily meat eaters, who crave protein, we narrowed down our options. Settling on bacon flavor, cats won’t resist the smell, and taste.

Cats like the taste of proteins and fat, says The Daily Cat. They can’t taste sweet, and dislike anything bitter. Additionally, cats taste through scent as much as through flavor.

In short, the best way to get your pet to eat something is to make sure it smells and tastes like something meaty and delicious. Bacon checks all the boxes.

Finding the perfect CBD product

It’s plain to see in the video that Lupin, the grey feline, loves his treats, even with Arbor Vita8 Pet Tincture added. The bacon favor masks the fact that his treats have a special additive on them.

It’s not only the cats who are putting their stamp of approval on our pet tincture. Humans will approve too, thanks to the superior quality of all our ingredients. Selling only the best full-spectrum CBD, our pet tincture is lab-tested to ensure the safety of your cat.
Lupin approves, but you don’t have to take one picky cat’s word. Try our CBD Pet Tincture for yourself. Order a bottle today from our online store.



Hi. I’m Trey and I’m here to tell you how to use these new Arbor Vita Pet Tincture Drops. So what you do is you put a couple of drops on some treats and your animals will go absolutely nuts for them. They love the bacon flavor. Just a few drops is all it takes. A little bit on their food or on their treats, they love it.

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