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It’s no secret that pets feel stress and anxiety. According to the American Kennel Club, no breed is safe from it. Although anxiety affects each dog differently, it’s important to not leave it unchecked since it can lead to behavioral and other issues.

Causes of dog anxiety

Three main causes often lead to anxious feelings in dogs — fear, separation, and aging. Fear-induced anxiety can come from loud noises, strange people or animals, visual stimuli, new environments, or even specific situations where stress is heightened. For some dogs, the fear lasts only a brief period, then they’re back to normal. For anxious dogs, it lingers.

Dogs with anxiety induced by separation suffer because they can’t comfort themselves when they’re away from their loved ones. This can lead to troublesome behaviors like destroying property or urinating in the house.

Anxiety in older dogs is often a side effect of other age-related illnesses like cognitive dysfunction syndrome. 

Regardless of the cause, dogs who have anxiety can suffer debilitating issues that can harm themselves and others.

Treatment options

Working with a veterinarian is the best way to get your dog help if they suffer from anxiety. Your vet may prescribe medication or suggest special training and reconditioning. If you’d like to try alternative ways to help your pet, make sure to ask your vet about using CBD.

Pet tinctures allow for simple application of CBD into a dog’s food or a special treat. Some dog owners find it easier to administer than a pill. While CBD has yet to receive confirmation as a treatment for dog anxiety, anecdotal evidence from some pet owners suggests it may be effective when used in this capacity.

Giving your dog CBD

There are a few different ways to give your dog a CBD tincture. The first step, though, is to carefully read the directions to ensure you’re matching the dose to the weight of your pet. Next, you have the option of applying the tincture directly under your pet’s tongue. This is the same way a human would ingest a CBD tincture, but with a pet it might not be that easy.

An alternative way is like how Jase does it in the video, By applying the proper dosage to a treat or piece of food, your dog is properly taking the tincture. As they chew, the liquid gets absorbed through the tissue inside the mouth and on the tongue for faster effect.

The Arbor Vita8 difference

As you can see in the video, Ghost and Nibbles happily eat their treats even with Arbor Vita8 Pet Tincture on them. This is because of the special bacon flavor added to our tinctures. 

Not only will your dog appreciate the flavor, but, because it’s an Arbor Vita8 product, you know all the ingredients are of a superior quality. With only the best full-spectrum CBD, our pet tincture is lab-tested to ensure the safety of your dog.
Interested in learning more? Don’t take Jase’s word. Try our CBD Pet Tincture for yourself by ordering a bottle from our online store today.



Hey there, I’m Jase and this is Ghost, and Nibbles. And the reason why they are so excited right now is they’re about to get some treats with Arbor Vita8 Pet Tincture on them. It’s super easy. Just put a few drops on a treat or their food, and you’re good to go. And as you can see, they love them.

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