Avoid Severe Fines: Proper CBD Product Labels

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By Noah Chen

The CBD marketplace has been booming ever since the hemp plant became legal to cultivate in 2018. Thousands of products hit shelves across the nation in a short period of time, and new ones come out every day.

We’re seeing an explosion of options available for those interested in using CBD. However, this rapid release of products comes at the cost of quality control. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that over half of the tested hemp-derived products didn’t have the amount of CBD their labels advertised.

As a result, the FDA sent out massive fines and warnings to several companies. Faster doesn’t mean better. How a CBD product gets labeled can have legal ramifications if its contents don’t match.

Every state has its own laws

The labeling requirements for CBD products vary from state to state. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some general items you should include on every CBD label.

First, you’ll want to check up on your local laws to make sure your product isn’t violating anything. The more research you do before launch, the greater the chance your product will hit store shelves without a hitch.

What to include on your CBD label

Packaging is everything when it comes to standing out among all the other hemp-derived products. This means you’ll need to put some time into your label design. Getting a logo that pops and maybe some enticing marketing copy onto it can help, but don’t get lost on the flare. Make sure your label has all the necessary information as well, written in a clear, straightforward way. The last thing you want is to confuse your customers.

Here are a few essentials to work into your label:

  • Percentage of CBD. Common state requirements for CBD product labels include clearly stating how much cannabinoids are in your product, and in what percent. Even if your state doesn’t require it, providing this information is a good idea. It’s likely your consumers will want to know how much CBD they are buying. Make sure you’ve tested your product to get an accurate number here. If you’re off, you can get fined.
  • Warning Labels. Warning labels also belong on your CBD product. Even though CBD is safe for most people to consume, pregnant women and children should avoid it, and you need to state that clearly on your product.
  • Net Amount of Product. Include the weight/volume of your product.
  • Ingredients. CBD products are required to list all of their ingredients.
  • Material Facts. This includes the expiration date, manufacturing date, and batch codes. It’s also beneficial to add whether your product is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or an isolate.
  • Company Information. This should include your company’s name and address, and any contact information you would like to provide.
  • Dosing instructions. Make sure you include suggested dosage instructions with each product. Whether this means adding a chart based on age or weight or providing a recommended dose, this helps guide the consumer on safely consuming CBD.

Including all this information on your CBD product label, and complying with state laws, not only demonstrates your commitment to quality, but it keeps you safe from fines and other negative repercussions. It also allows you to show transparency in your products, which is important in this industry. You don’t want to look like you’re hiding anything. 

Of course, remember to get all this information as accurate as possible, which means running your products through third-party testing.

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