California Dives Deeper Into Hemp Market

It’s not every day a state makes major strides that benefit the hemp industry. For California hemp farmers though, a big moment recently came as Assembly Bill 45 (AB 45) was signed by Governor Gavin Newsom.

This bill opens up hemp’s potential in multiple areas. It gives the industry a big boost in one of the few states that has always been a fan of the green stuff, in one way or another.

Legalizing smokable hemp

One of the more controversial pieces to AB 45 is its take on smokable hemp. The bill legalizes it, but this step merely establishes the groundwork for the sale of smokable hemp products in California.

Now, lawmakers must pass more legislation to establish a tax scheme so the products are properly marketed. While hemp manufacturers wait, most likely until next year, they’re able to begin growing smokable products and can sell them in other states.

That’s good news except for the fact that, in most states, hemp still gets singled out as an illegal product. This is most likely because it’s so hard to distinguish hemp from marijuana when a person smokes it. The odor is the same, and so is the appearance. To make it easier for law enforcement, and keep you out of trouble, many states prohibit the sale and use of smokable hemp products.

To find out if it’s legal where you live to smoke your hemp, look up your local state laws.

Allowing the sale of CBD-infused food and drinks

The second prime component to this bill relates to using CBD, and other non-intoxicating cannabinoids, as an ingredient in food and beverages. It also touches on using these compounds as dietary supplements.

This is now legal, opening the door to a huge revenue stream for those in the hemp industry.

What’s particularly helpful is that the California Department of Public Health will now take over crafting rules to put in place legislation. This will help boost the use of certain cannabinoids as a food additive/supplement.

The other pieces to AB 45

It’s exciting to think about the major steps forward this bill introduces to California’s hemp industry. Alongside these two pieces of legislation, the bill also includes requirements related to testing and product labels. It also establishes rules for selling hemp-derived products made out-of-state.

These pieces really benefit the consumer. They’ll help make sure the products they buy meet certain standards, and that labelling isn’t misleading or incorrect in any way.

Seeing the hemp industry expand

While we’re not based in California at Arbor Vita8, every step forward for the industry is a step in the right direction for everyone. It’s why we work so hard implementing best practices that ensure quality at every step of the process. From the strains we offer for growing to our drying and processing services, we cut no corners, nothing gets overlooked.
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