Can You Overdose From THC?

There are so many horror stories about overdoses from drug use. But can you overdose from THC found in cannabis? The short answer- no! Us cannabis users can all breathe a sigh of relief as Riley explains the science behind this.

CB1 Receptors

To put it simply: you cannot die from THC use alone. In other words, THC by itself will not cause an overdose. The CB1 receptors, which are the receptors that THC binds to, are one of the most abundant receptors in our brains. Although there are so many CB1 receptors, they are not evenly distributed throughout the brain. CB1 receptors are found most in the parts of the brain that control the motor and sensory functions. Those functions affect motivation and cognition. 

Brain Stem

The part of the brain where you will not find a lot of CB1 receptors is in the brain stem. The brain stem is where all of our most important functions are controlled, like making sure our hearts are pumping and that we are breathing constantly. Since there aren’t many CB1 receptors in the brain stem, that means there is not a lot of THC binding to the areas in that part of the brain. That being said, please remember to always use cannabis responsibly!

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