Cannabidiol For Inflammation: AV8 Journal Review

Arbor Vita8 is back with yet another review of a scholarly journal article on hemp. Today, we visit a 2015 study by Sumner Burstein. The article was one of the earlier initiatives in the mid 2010’s to note the impact of Cannabidiol for inflammation. You can access the article in full here.

They begin with a brief overview of CBD’s medical track record. They note how it’s long been acknowledged for its benefits. But legal restrictions and slow legislation made studies like these less frequent. Check a brief overview of the study and its findings below.

The History of CBD

Did you know CBD extraction occurred as early as the 1940’s? This is in fact the truth! Of course, this isn’t the refined process we know and love today. It took a lot of tweaking and revisiting. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that we would see a process more akin to current iterations.

This ended up being more of a detriment to the study of CBD than anything, though. As the process became more refined, THC became more of the central focus. Researchers were quick to note its psychoactive effects. This unfortunately alarmed many, and ultimately gave CBD a bad rap for a while.

An Answer To Inflammation?

“In retrospect this must be seen as unfortunate… since a number of actions of CBD with… therapeutic benefits were downplayed for many years.” The area where this is most apparent? Inflammation! The article delves into this even further, reviewing several different associated processes. “Receptor binding… signaling… downstream… functional events,” and more are explored.

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