Cannabis Products for Pets: Is It Safe?

A group of animals posed together inluding a brown dog with a gray bird on its head, a cat, and pig

Do you ever wonder how cannabis products affect your dog? Lucky for you, Riley is here to give you the answers. In this video, she goes through a list of cannabis products for pets that are either safe or dangerous.

CBD for Pets

CBD has been shown to be very safe and very effective as an anti-inflammatory agent for dogs. It works in dogs in a very similar way as it does in humans.

THC for Pets

While CBD can be a great resource to help your pet, THC is a very different story. High THC cannabis should not be given to pets for any reason. This includes dogs, cats, rodents, and any other household pets. These animals have a higher amount of CB1 receptors. The CB1 receptor is where THC binds to the cerebellum in their brain. The cerebellum controls their balance, posture, and motor functions including bladder control. If your pet consumes too much THC, they can become extremely disoriented and it can cause static ataxia. 

Static Ataxia

Static ataxia causes temporary paralysis in animals. This can happen to your pets if they consume high THC cannabis. It’s not likely that high THC cannabis will cause death, but it is still very unsafe for them. If you are thinking about using any cannabis products for your pet, including CBD, you should always consult your veterinarian to make sure your pet stays safe and healthy. 

Keeping Up With Riley

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Clip Transcript

Riley Dee:
It’s not a lame question at all. Let’s talk about giving cannabis products to dogs. So CBD has been shown to be safe and effective as an anti-inflammatory agent for dogs, similar, how it is in humans. But THC is a different story. You should not be giving your animals high THC cannabis. So dogs, cats, rodents, and other animals have higher amounts of CB1 receptors, which THC binds to in the cerebellum of their brain.

The cerebellum controls your balance, posture, and motor function, including bladder control. So if you give your dog too much THC it will become extremely disoriented and it could cause static ataxia, meaning it’s temporarily paralyzed. Now it likely won’t kill your dog, but you should definitely talk to your vet, even if you want to use CBD, just to make sure it’s safe. I’ll add some references to the comments if you want to read more about this.


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