Cannabis Strains And Anxiety with Dr. Riley Kirk

Are you a regular cannabis user that’s finding yourself dealing with overwhelming anxiety? Dr. Riley Kirk is back with some solid advice for approaching this! In today’s clip, she discusses how cannabis strains and anxiety are major contributing factors to one another. Remember, “all of this is hypothesized, but we have a lot of data to support.” Dr. Kirk is sure to cite each relevant scholarly study to back any claims in-video!

Her first rule of thumb is to pick strains that have both THC and CBD. Strains with an imbalance in favor of THC can elevate anxiety and paranoia for chronic users. CBD on the other hand can help prevent this!

How Cannabinoids Affect CB1 Receptors

First, note that the feelings of anxiety come from “THC [activating] your CB1 receptor.” But science suggests that when THC passes through the system with CBD, some of these impacts are negated. You can watch the clip for a full, academic breakdown of the process.

To simplify it, CBD acts as a barrier between THC and the receptor. “It’s effectively creating a cap for how high you can get because your receptors aren’t all available for that THC to bind to.” While some will still bind and activate, it would be far less than if THC were the dominant compound.

Arbor Vita8’s CBD

Cannabidiol is an interesting compound, and certainly worthy of further study. It’s amusing to think we’ve spent so long fighting for less restrictive access to something that could potentially help so many.

Look no further than it’s impact on anxiety, among other common ailments! That’s it for cannabis Strains And Anxiety. As always, the key to accessing any of these benefits is getting quality products. Reach out to us to learn more about our various hemp based products and services!


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