Cannabis Strains and Terpene Profiles

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Have you ever wondered how you can find the exact strain of cannabis with the exact terpene profile that you are looking for? Good news- that is entirely possible! In Riley’s new video, she introduces us to a great strain finding tool: Leafly.

Using Leafly

When you first enter Leafly on either a desktop or on a mobile device, you have to confirm that you are 21 years or over in order to access the site. Leafly then walks you through several different shapes with terpenes represented by different colors. For example: myrcene is blue, pinene is green, caryopnyllene is magenta, limonene is yellow, and terpinolene is orange. You can then measure the amount of THC and CBD you want. Leafly will then provide a list of cannabis strains that fit your preferences best!

Learning About Strains

Leafly provides a lot of great information about a bunch of different cannabis strains. Once they provide the list of strains that fit your preferences, you can click on each specific strain in order to learn more about it. If you live in a state where cannabis has been legalized, Leafly can also direct you to a nearby dispensary that carries the strain you want. 

Keeping Up With Riley

You can keep up with Riley Dee on her Tik Tok account named Cannabichem, as well as right here on the Arbor Vita8 website! 

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