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CBD and Hair Growth

There are CBD products that people use topically for sore joints and muscles. Some consumers may experience reduced inflammation. Some may find that the CBD

Can Hemp Help with Foot Pain?

Chronic foot pain is the absolute worst. Your feet take you everywhere you need to go, so when walking is painful, it can be debilitating.

Why CBD Doses are More Accurate with Nano

Nano cannabinoids are still the same as “regular” sized cannabinoids when you’re talking about their properties. If you feel a particular effect every time you

What’s the Hemp Advancement Act?

There’a a new bill on the floor. It could provide cannabis businesses with more flexibility and remove the controversial ban on industry workers with prior

Does Nano CBD Dissolve in Water?

Asking a question like this is important for many reasons. If you’re mixing two ingredients together to create a final product, you want them to

Can CBD Treat Adult Acne?

Even though acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S., it’s most associated with teens and young adults. This makes it a little

Hemp Leaf CBD In My Drink

Is There CBD in My Drink?

“CBD In My Drink??” How do you enjoy CBD? With so many products out there, it might feel like a tough question to answer.  You

Study Links Cannabis to Coronavirus Prevention

Conducted out of Oregon State University, researchers have made a breakthrough. Certain hemp compounds are now connected to legitimate coronavirus prevention. Specifically, the study, published

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