Grow the Best Hemp With These Vital Resources

No matter how much hemp you’ve planted, our tips and tricks for a successful crop are right here. Gain a better understanding of the entire process and learn how to treat your hemp right.

Replacing Crops With Cannabis

Although it may never get past its specialty crop designation, hemp has the potential to come in cheaper, more environmentally-friendly, and more useful than certain

What Do I Do With Excess Biomass?

When hemp gets harvested and processed, it’s usually broken down into two groups. The flower goes on to become cannabinoid-based oils, among other things, through


Hemp’s Potential Role in Phytoremediation

It’s a big word — phytoremediation — with an important meaning. Phytoremediation is when green plants remove, degrade, or stabilize undesirable substances found in things

What Makes Hemp Get Hot? The Answer Inside

Farming is most definitely a labor-intensive profession. Even if you’re not putting the seeds into the ground yourself. Even with all the automation and machinery

A field of cannabis plants on a cannabis farm

Why Tri-Crop is Important for Hemp

Having a successful hemp crop is about the bottom line. Since the plant already grows quickly, with limited help, it’s automatically a cost-efficient crop, but

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