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Stay up-to-date on the useful information related to your spot in the supply chain. Check out info on the latest trends in hemp, inventory, and how to build relationships with farmers and processors.

Does CBD Work in Sparkling Water?

CBD and other cannabinoids are oils in their natural state. Oil doesn’t mix with water. So, how can CBD sparkling water be a thing? Nano

How Do Nano Cannabinoids Get Made?

Nano cannabinoids are exactly like what they sound like — tiny hemp compounds. Through a specific process, the hemp molecules you find in your favorite

Replacing Crops With Cannabis

Although it may never get past its specialty crop designation, hemp has the potential to come in cheaper, more environmentally-friendly, and more useful than certain

Why Hemp Extracts Are Not Water Soluble

Packaging on certain hemp products is getting it wrong. Anything that advertises itself as water-soluble is technically incorrect according to Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky.  During a

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Using Hemp for Paper

Hemp and paper have almost always gone together. In fact, the first paper in the world had a little hemp in it. Its presence carried

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Where to find hemp extraction services

Extraction machines hold a very important place in the hemp industry. They’re what takes the plant biomass and converts it into lucrative oils and distillates.

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Breaking Down Hemp Drying Machines

An essential part in the hemp farming process is drying the plants after harvesting. Using the term dry is a little inaccurate though. Hemp can

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What is Wet Extraction?

Wet extraction (A.K.A fresh frozen extraction or live resin) uses butane to create crude oil. The primary difference between wet and dry extraction is that

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