CBC Extraction and How It’s Used Today

Found in tropical strains of the cannabis plant, Cannabichromene or CBC is the second most-plentiful cannabinoid. THC is the first. Both cannabinoids count toward the big six, which also include CBD, CBG, CBN, and THCV.

With the potential for a broad assortment of medicinal benefits, CBC is gaining in popularity. This means a higher demand from farmers for processors who have the capabilities to extract the compound from the plant itself. It also translates to an increasing variety of products containing the compound.


Potential Health Benefits

Many of the potential health benefits of ingesting CBC link back to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. This may make the compound useful in treating brain swelling and stopping tumor growth in cancer patients. It may trigger the right receptors in the body to help brain cells grow. It may even decrease pain for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s Disease.

These benefits just skim the surface of how CBC, as an anti-inflammatory, may help people. Especially those suffering from chronic pain and swelling related to any illness or disease.

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Extracting CBC

Like all cannabinoids, CBC comes from the flower of the hemp plant. It does not contain any THC. The same extraction process used for CBD, CBG, or any other cannabinoid will produce CBC. However, unlike CBD, most plants only produce a small quantity of CBC.

The three most common extraction methods are CO2, ethanol, and wet extraction. Each has their own pros and cons. However, all need a well-trained operator to perform them properly and safely. Many times, it’s best to partner with a professional extractor to gain access to better, more expensive equipment. You then also get their expertise in extracting the best possible product.

Mixing it Up

Once extracted, the next thing to think about with CBC is product. While CBC has beneficial medicinal properties on its own, these effects get enhanced when it’s mixed. Most notably, CBD and THC work best with CBC. As a result, you’ll often find CBC in CBD products, rather than have it available as a stand alone. Doing this also allows for manufacturers to get more products out since they don’t need large quantities of CBC, which is hard to get.

CBC Products Today

Because of its ability to treat inflammation, many CBC-based products today are topical compounds. Their primary aim is to treat muscle soreness and help with pain. A common way to find the compound is within salves, body butters, and similar products.

CBC is also an ingredient found in certain full-spectrum CBD oils. It’s usually used in only trace amounts. Since full-spectrum oils aren’t refined to the point of being CBD pure, you’ll also see other cannabinoids on the ingredient list as well.

Very few edibles single contain CBC. If that’s your preferred way to take any cannabinoid, you might need to look for gummies or capsules made from full-spectrum oil instead.


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