CBD Analysis: A Journal Review With AV8

Today, we’re back with another edition of our journal review series. Arbor Vita8 is committed to advancing the culture of hemp and CBD. As such, we take a dedicated look at the most recent scholarly literature making its rounds in the space. Read on to learn more about this CBD analysis!

Today’s study comes from research conducted in January of this year (2021). It’s authors “conducted an online survey using structured questionnaires to determine differences in CBD users.” The study was aimed at both people who use CBD and THC, and those who use CBD alone. The results from this CBD analysis proved to be interesting!

How The Analysis Played Out

The pilots of the study spared no expense in pursuing results. “Group comparisons were carried out using chi-square tests and ANOVA. Multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) with bootstrap ratio testing [helped determine] categorical data.” The piece does a great job detailing their data gathering, as well as their results analysis.

The study also closely examined people’s reasons for using both THC and CBD. They posit that these can “inform future studies on the risks and benefits… [of] each.” It can also be monumental in influencing future legislation. The value of these kinds of efforts cannot be understated. They’re literally opening the door to the future of cannabis.

Getting The Facts With Arbor Vita8

Be sure to check out our previous journal review blog. You can review it in full here. We’ve amassed quite the collection of literature touching on relevant research in hemp. We hope our efforts help keep you informed along your journey in the field.

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