CBD and Muscle Pain – A User Story

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While the actual benefits of using cannabidiol, or CBD, are still getting evaluated, there’s no shortage of user experiences to share. Of the two primary areas where this hemp compound seems most often used by consumers, treating pain tops this list. This may be in part because of the natural anti-inflammatory properties of many of the common cannabinoids. It may also relate to the idea that CBD is a natural way to relax.

For sore or swollen muscles, pain throughout the body, or discomfort related to a specific medical condition or illness, it’s possible CBD may help with symptoms.

For one user, she discovered a correlation between using CBD and treating chronic lower back pain.

Who’s our user?

Many people think of a typical CBD user as someone in their 20’s. They’re young and into “experimenting.” They may have even been a regular marijuana user, switching over to hemp-derived products since they’re now legal across the US.

Our user does not fit that stereotype. She’s 68, a mom and grandma, working as the Director of Operations for a company in the education industry. She spends her days managing sales, marketing responsibilities, and the daily operations related to the productivity of her employer. She also spends most of that time sitting down in front of her computer.

For that reason, and a few others, she began experiencing frequent lower back pain. Originally, physical therapy was the prescribed treatment, but when that didn’t eliminate the issue, she decided to supplement with CBD.

Why does CBD work for her?

To target her specific area of discomfort, using CBD cream has worked best. It’s easy to use and not another drug she has to take to notice a difference in her level of pain. It’s also a treatment she can use when she wants. There’s no prescribed daily dose or required application, it’s flexible based on her need.

When using CBD creams, she notices that her pain and discomfort either decreases to a hardly noticeable level or stops all together.

Using CBD gives me control over my discomfort and pain. It’s truly been beneficial for me, and I’m so glad to have had it recommended by a friend who’s also a user.

Other ways to use topical CBD

Topical CBD products often appear on the market as creams, balms, or lotions. Many products combine CBD with other herbs known to have medicinal benefits. Applying them directly to your skin allows for quick absorption and a targeted approach to the affected area.

Lotions and creams are easiest to apply across larger areas of the body. They’re convenient in areas like the lower back because they’re easy to spread. CBD balms are often more appropriate to use in more centralized spots for muscle pain. These are smaller areas on the body like your temples, specific joints, or the heels of your feet. It can also cover small cuts or rashes.

Where to find the best CBD products on the market

Before you decide to use topical CBD products to treat muscle pain, or any physical condition for that matter, it’s best to consult your physician. Next, you’ll want to find the right place to purchase your products, looking for those of only the highest quality.

At Arbor Vita8, we don’t sell any hemp-derived products we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our commitment to superior extracts and organic ingredients make our full-spectrum topicals some of the best on the market. To learn more, visit our online store today.

Special thanks to LH, our CBD user.


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