CBD And Pets: Ready to Let Yours Try?

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There’s so much talk these days about CBD. You hear about what it may do for you, but the uses for CBD, and other hemp-derived products far exceeds human ingestion.

Now that hemp is legal in the U.S. you can find it in animal feed, clothing fiber, building materials, and more. Some pet owners even use it on their furry friends in the form of a tincture for easy application.

What is a CBD pet tincture?

Just like a tincture made for humans, a pet-safe tincture is one that you can give to your pet for any number of reasons. Some see a difference in their pet’s anxiety levels while using the product. This can make the tincture useful if you notice higher stress levels in your pets when you’re not at home. It may help keep a nervous dog calm during thunder, or even help a new pet adjust to their forever home.

Use of a pet tincture may be beneficial to your pet, but it’s best to consult with your veterinarian before giving it to your animal. If you get the green light, make sure to follow the dosage instructions on the package. They’re most often based on weight. Only increase the dose with vet permission and after seeing how they’ll react to the product.

How do I give my pet a CBD tincture?

If you’ve got a good dog or cat, who likes to experiment with their food, you may be able to apply the tincture directly under their tongue. This is an ideal option since it allows for the quickest and easiest absorption.

If you’re working with a slightly more temperamental animal, you can add the recommended amount of drops to their food or even to a treat or two.

Pet tinctures aren’t just for cats and dogs either. Even if you have a more unconventional pet, like a pig or even a horse, you may find success with offering them CBD.

What will it taste like?

Not all CBD pet products have the same flavor, but it is safe to bet you’ll find a lot more pet-friendly flavors than compared to CBD for humans.

At Arbor Vita8, we flavor our CBD Pet Tinctures with only natural flavors to give pets a yummy CBD tincture that tastes like bacon. We also use full-spectrum CBD from naturally grown hemp to ensure a pure extract. This gives us a superior base to add our other ingredients to.

Since bacon is one of those universal flavors, we’ve found both cats and dogs enjoy the taste of our pet tincture. Check out our dog-owner and cat-owner testimonials for some direct user feedback.

Where do I purchase a high-quality CBD Pet Tincture?

We love our pets and want them to live their best life. This means offering them products whose quality we can feel confident about At Arbor Vita8, we don’t sell anything we wouldn’t use at home, and that includes our pet tinctures.

With competitive prices and a variety of different size options, our CBD Pet Tincture beats out the competition. Come shop on our online store to check it out.


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