CBD Buds: What Exactly Are They?

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By Harrison Thacker

The ways to harvest CBD’s benefits are plentiful. Extraction and further processing offer a variety of mediums to indulge in. Regardless of the method, however, it all begins with a plant that’s anything but simple. The Cannabis Sativa L plant is punctuated by hemp buds. Their flowers contain access to several beneficial compounds, all packed with CBD.

A closer look at CBD buds

This plant matter and its traits are anything but ordinary. We characterize hemp buds by their lack of any psychoactive compounds. This clears the way for hemp’s main act, CBD. Farmers and consumers alike can rest easy in knowing exactly what they’re getting. The growing process yields mountainous CBD, with the right hemp strain. The plant retains its appearance, even without high levels of THC, earning the name hemp bud. Historically utilized for its versatility, hemp is so much more than CBD buds. The plant is still used for fiber, garments, and a host of other items. 

How do CBD Buds work?

Hemp buds get used in a variety of ways. This includes smoking. Grind the plant matter finely, and place the contents into an appropriate hemp paper. Set ablaze and inhale, but be careful. It’s not always easy to distinguish between smoking legal CBD buds and marijuana. 

Vaporizing hemp buds is a less invasive alternative, but just as effective. In both cases, the CBD enters the bloodstream through the lungs. This makes for a quick delivery of benefits. 

Another means of indulging is ingestion. Hemp buds can be a great addition to meals. De-carb the plant matter in the oven at 225℉ for roughly 45 minutes. From here, you can either use the plant matter itself, or source it into oil or butter. This makes for nice infused baked goods, basting, and more. The combination of relaxation and flavor are a welcome dietary addition. 

What do CBD Buds do?

Empirical data on hemp is in its infancy. Still, anecdotal claims paint a positive picture of CBD’s effects. Many report ultra-relaxation. Some cite anti-inflammatory properties. And as of late, many proponents of CBD suggest it calms anxiety and stress. It’s thought that CBD interacts favorably with our endo-cannabinoid system. This is where subject matter experts claim that hemp packs its true punch. Though completed studies on the crop are still emerging, the findings that do exist bode well for future results.

Yes, hemp buds are completely legal in the US. Following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the industrial sale of CBD is no longer considered a federal crime. That means you can explore the benefits of industrial hemp buds in a safe and lawful manner. 

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