CBD Creams: How Exactly Do They Work?

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By Harrison Thacker

The popularity of CBD and its related products has risen exponentially. From smokable hemp, to vaping, oils, and more. Even ingestion has emerged as a popular method of indulging. Another popular method is that of topical application. There are countless products that deliver CBD’s benefits via direct contact. CBD creams for pain are readily available across the US, but how are they made? Are CBD creams as safe and effective as other methods? Yes, and here’s why.

The versatility of CBD

CBD is an active compound in the Cannabis Sativa L plant. Unlike THC, the other well-known compound from hemp, CBD distinguishes itself by having virtually no psychoactive compounds. That means no getting “high.” The properties of CBD may make it a great anti-inflammatory. Many report it helps with stress and anxiety relief, as well as providing ultra relaxation. This is a result of the CBD interacting with our cannabinoid system.

While there are limits on current academic research on CBD, the earliest results are positive. As stated, the methods of consumption are plentiful. But, not everyone is a fan of smoking or consuming their CBD. What if you prefer something a little less invasive? Try CBD Creams.

Topical Hemp

Distilling CBD oils with herbs produces topical balms. These can come in the form of lotions, ointments, creams, and more. Once applied to the skin, the CBD gets absorbed through the dermis. Again, many anecdotal reports support topical applications working great as an anti-inflammatory.

Using CBD creams may help with swelling, provide pain relief, and more. It may help with athletes with joint pain after a game or rigorous workout. It may provide relief to sore necks and backs for those sitting in front of a computer all day. People suffering from debilitating, recurring pains have reported massive reprieves in symptoms. CBD creams have potential when it comes to those suffering from arthritis or chronic muscle or joint inflammation.

Find the best CBD cream

It is important to note that not all CBD products have equal value. There are many products that include ingredients that reduce CBD’s benefits greatly. Always verify a hemp-derived product’s ingredients before buying. Also, be intentional when deciding where to buy CBD cream. Producers made with hemp compounds from reputable farmers and processors is the only way to guarantee quality. If it’s non-licensed, chances are you won’t ever know exactly where it camp from, nor what you’re getting.

Quality CBD creams at Arbor Vita8

It’s Arbor Vita8’s promise to do our part in facilitating quality hemp. Not only do we process it to ensure a superior extract, we also put our stamp on only the highest quality products. Our CBD Full-spectrum Balm and Organic Full-spectrum CBD lotion are two of the best topicals out on the market today. We know this is true because we use every product we sell, otherwise we wouldn’t sell it. Treat your own aches and pains with a hemp-derived topical that may help you see immediate differences. Visit our online shop today.


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