CBD Edibles Are More Than Just Gummies

Red and yellow gummy worms with powdered green gummies around them and cannabis plants

By Noah Chen

When hemp products exploded onto the scene in 2018, CBD gummies were the belle of the ball. Folks couldn’t get enough of the little guys, and gummies helped grow CBD into the billion-dollar industry it is today. While many experience relaxing effects when using CBD edibles, it’s important to note they and other hemp-derived products do not get you high.

Gummies are great, but there’s a wide world of edible CBD products for those who’d rather avoid candy. All are delicious, some are nutritious, but each one offers a great way for you to take advantage of the unique properties of CBD edibles. 

Why edibles might be the best way to enjoy CBD 

Why switch over to edibles in the first place? While vaping or smoking hemp flower are certainly options, there are several reasons why CBD edibles might be the best way to take CBD

Edibles often last longer

Because of the way the cannabinoids break down in your digestive system when eaten, edibles often end up having longer-lasting effects than smoked or vaporized CBD. One serving of edible CBD can last longer in your system, giving you a larger gap of time before you may feel the need to reach for them again.

Edibles are discreet

Since most edibles look like plain old food, they’re easier to take in public without judgement. You can enjoy the potential benefits of CBD without anyone knowing that’s what you’re doing. Smoking or vaping tend to draw a little more attention to themselves, and you, and can easily get confused with marijuana.

Edibles make CBD use flexible

The flexibility of edibles means that there are more ways than ever to take CBD. No matter who you are, it’s basically guaranteed someone has made an edible CBD product that appeals to you. 

There’s a CBD edible for everyone 

With a little creativity, you can add CBD to basically any food. Between artisan chefs, home cooks, and premium product makers like Arbor Vita8, CBD has found its way into a variety of foods.

CBD edibles come in many forms including chocolates, honey, and olive oil. You can find edible products that are ready-to-go, or ones that work best when infusing something else for an extra kick. CBD liquids, including the oil itself, can work in almost any recipe whether it’s something sweet or a component of a regular meal. You can even add CBD to your preferred beverage. Hemp enthusiasts and coffee lovers may like combining the two to start their morning. Soda drinkers and CBD lovers may find use in bringing the two together for an afternoon pick-me-up.

They’re even hitting major food companies. Ben & Jerry’s announced a CBD infused ice cream, and Carl’s Jr. recently tested a CBD burger

Ready for a snack?

How hungry are you now that you’ve ready all this? If it’s time to start exploring your options when it comes to CBD edibles, check out the online store at Arbor Vita8. We offer a variety of products to help you enjoy the potential benefits of CBD. Quality is our top priority, and everything we sell are products we’d use at home.

Contact us today to learn more about hemp and do a little online shopping.


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