CBD for Anxiety — A User’s Story

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Because cannabidiol, or CBD is one of the many hemp-derived compounds available over-the-counter to buy, many consumers are investigating how it might benefit them. As scientific study into the compound continues, it’s the user experience that’s helping drive what many are considering trying CBD to treat.

One of the more common issues is anxiety. For those living with mental health issues, or simply feeling the pressure of the everyday, the natural properties within CBD may help relax the body and take away the triggers that can exacerbate these issues.

While no definitive statements are available yet about the effects, or benefits, of CBD, users are noticing positive results from their own experiences and sharing them with others.

Here’s how one user calms her anxiety with CBD.

Meet our user

As a mom of four, our CBD user divides her time between family and work. She’s 41, and an academic advisor for college students. She works with undergraduates who are struggling. Some are on academic probation, others are at-risk of failing out. Each encounter is an emotional interaction that hopefully ends in hope that the student will continue their education.

After work, she heads home to spend time with her husband, kitties, and children. Her two boys and two girls range in age from almost an adult to just entering school.

She suffers from anxiety and restlessness, looking to CBD only after a student of hers recommended it.

CBD to supplement

CBD turned out to be a positive supplement for our user, in addition to an existing prescription for anxiety. She also currently takes Lexapro, an antidepressant. Once she began taking this medication, she noticed an increase in her anxiety. The CBD helps her combat that issue.

Using CBD, for her, provides a sense of calm that, “allows me to shut off my ‘thinking’ and rest.” This calming effect also makes her less likely to trigger her dermatillomania. Also known as chronic skin-picking, this is a mental illness possibly connected to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Since the picking can lead to skin lesions and be a disruptive force in the life of someone with the diagnosis, less compulsion to pick is a very good thing.

Taken as a tincture

The preferred method to ingest CBD, for our user, is as a tincture. She applies 1-2 drops under her tongue in the morning and before bed.

Using a tincture is one of the fastest ways to introduce CBD to your bloodstream. The quicker the absorption, the faster it starts working. By placing a few drops under your tongue, the tincture gets absorbed through your cheeks and gums.

Because of the speed at which absorption takes place, using a CBD tincture may mean needing a lower dose of CBD to achieve the same effect you see when taking other types of hemp-derived products.

Find only the best in CBD

If considering a CBD tincture to help treat anxiety, please consult your physician first. Once they’ve given the green light, it’s time to find the right products to buy. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to any hemp-derived product. Knowing you can trust who made it and where it came from helps keep you safe, but also ensures it’s reliable to use.

At Arbor Vita8, we only sell hemp-derived products we’re comfortable with using at home. We’re committed to sharing products made from superior extracts and organic ingredients. This includes our variety of tinctures. At Arbor Vita8, we offer:

  • CBD Full-Spectrum Tinctures
  • CBD Zero THC Tinctures
  • CBG Immune Tinctures
  • CBN Sleep Tinctures

We even have tinctures for your pet. Each unique product uses a different cannabinoid, taken from the hemp plant. Visit our online store today to learn more.

Special thanks to DB, our CBD user.


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