CBD for Pets is More than a Passing Fad

By Noah Chen

There are many health benefits associated with CBD, which is the primary reason many people use it. But, did you know your pet may be able to benefit from CBD in the same way you can? 

As the interest in CBD grows, we humans have begun experimenting with the impact of giving our furry friends CBD. As it turns out, there are many potential health benefits, and the CBD pet industry has not only taken off, it’s here to stay. 

Is it safe to give to pets?

Yes, it is safe to give pets CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning it can’t get you or your fuzzy pal stoned. What CBD has the potential to do, is impart a variety of possible health benefits onto humans and animals. 

Some users experience a reduction in pain and anxiety when using CBD. Others have seen an improvement in skin and heart health. Current research is even looking at the possibility of CBD to fight diabetes in humans. 

Since most animals have an endocannabinoid system, like we do, their bodies can process CBD in ways similar to ours. While it is unclear exactly which potential health benefits translate from humans to animals, some users have noticed reduced anxiety in their pets once they begin using it.

Danielle, the proud owner of Duke, a 2-year-old Beagle, began giving her dog CBD chews after he started barking at neighbors opening their doors. She reported Duke seemed more relaxed and his number of barks decreased. 

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to illustrate the health benefits CBDmay have for pets, but vets aren’t currently allowed to discuss it due to FDA regulations. Vets are however allowed to share anecdotal evidence of other pet owners, so if you are curious as to CBD’s effects on your animals, asking your veterinarian is the perfect place to start. 

How big is the CBD pet industry? 

The pet CBD industry has been steadily growing as more humans become aware of and use CBD themselves. In 2020, the pet CBD industry brought in $426 million, and this is expected to grow in 2021 to $629 million. 

Most of this growth is driven by CBD users themselves. A recent study done by the Brightfield Group found that over 70 percent of people who give their pets CBD use it themselves. This makes a degree of sense, as those who have felt the effects of CBD may want to pass the experience on to their pets. 

Who is buying these products?

Over 50 percent of CBD pet product buyers are Millennials, with Generation Xers making up another 20 percent. This makes sense as these are the age groups that also use CBD the most. 

Pet CBD buyers also tend to live in urban areas, with 46 percent of them being city dwellers and 30 percent living in the suburbs. Most of these buyers are also purchasing products for their pups. Over 75 percent of all pet CBD products were bought for dogs in 2020, but the number of folks buying for their cats has slowly increased over the years as well. If you’re ready to let your pet try CBD, visit the online store at Arbor Vita8. Our CBD Pet Tincture is a high-quality product that’s easy-to-use and competitively priced. We love it so much we even give it to our own pets. For more information, contact Arbor Vita8 today.


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