Is CBD Legal for Military Service Members?

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We made it all the way through the House of Representatives. Check off the first vote to legalize the use of products containing hemp and its derivatives for military service members. The amendment asks the military to okay all hemp products as long as the crop meets the federal definition of hemp. This means CBD with a THC amount of less than 0.3 percent will be okay for military personnel, even though it’s legal everywhere else already.

What’s most validating for the hemp industry is that the amendment passed by a vote of 336-71. Even though the package had many other pieces to it, this is a pretty bold statement about hemp’s acceptance.

Why we had to fight this battle

Although hemp became legal in the US in 2018, the Department of Defense put a strict ban in place for military personnel. They can’t use any product containing the substance. The concern was in the risk of exposure to products with too much THC. Since many military branches already prohibit the use of marijuana, even in states where it is legal, adding hemp products, like CBD to the list made sense. What if a military member ingests a hemp product with too much THC by accident? They could fail a drug test. It would skew the military’s ability to monitor illegal substances. It could also lead to more serious ramifications for a person’s career.

With strict testing of hemp crops, THC levels are closely monitored. Crops testing too “hot”get destroyed before they’re converted into products. In Alabama alone, hemp crops must get tested no more than 15 days before harvesting to ensure THC levels are within the legal limit. This helps maintain safety standards along with consistency in products.

The next steps

Passing through the House of Representatives is a significant step for hemp. But, the bill isn’t finished yet. With Senate approval and the President’s signature, the amendment becomes law. This accomplishment will reverse the military’s ban on hemp products. Military personnel will get to use whichever form of hemp, including CBD, they’d like.

The success of this amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act could have significant impact. Treatment of many medical issues common in the military could get easier. With a direct link to anxiety, depression, and stress, using CBD can give these individuals a way to maintain their emotional well-being while undergoing the rigors of protecting our country. There has even been a connection between CBD and PTSD. The possibility for the compound to decrease symptoms could be life-changing for active military.

A hopeful future

Giving people who can most benefit from hemp-derived products access on a daily basis is a good thing. If we can offer over-the-counter, legal products that help improve a person’s quality of life, it will make a difference. People benefitting from the effects will perform better at work. They will feel better physically and emotionally. While we don’t fully understand yet all the ways CBD and other hemp products can help people, it is becoming evident that there is a positive connection.

At Arbor Vita8, we pride ourselves on having the best understanding of what makes high-quality hemp. Our attention to detail means the hemp we process adheres to the THC requirements. Some of what we make is even completely THC-free. To learn more about our services as well as the products we have available, contact us today.


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