CBD Isolate: A Breakdown of Its Popular Uses

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Making extracts from hemp is not a one-step process. Each time you further refine the compound you’re working with, it changes. From crude oil, to distillate, to isolate, a lot happens in regards to the purity and concentration of your cannabinoid. When you get down to the bottom of the refinement process, you’re left with an isolate. More on CBD isolate below.

What is an isolate?

Isolates are the purest form of any hemp extract. They’re more refined than a distillate, containing almost 100 percent of a single cannabinoid. Odorless and tasteless, isolates are so refined, they’re available in only large crystals or as a powder. The powder form is more common, and will look like confectioner’s sugar.

How pure is it?

Isolates don’t contain any other of the compounds naturally occurring in hemp. It’s only a single cannabinoid, at close to 100 percent. So, if you’re making a CBD isolate, you’re only going to find CBD in it. There are no terpenes, no THC, no other cannabinoids.

For people who are curious about trying CBD, but want to avoid ingesting THC, isolate is a great option.

Why should I use it?

One of the key benefits to CBD isolate is the ability to regulate dose. Since there’s nothing else in the compound but one specific cannabinoid, you can more closely monitor your intake. There’s peace of mind in knowing the exact amount of CBD you’re consuming at any given time.

Where am I most likely to find CBD isolate?

While many users prefer to put CBD isolate directly under the tongue to ingest it, it’s also popular to use within a variety of products. This is because using an isolate means you’re certain that it’s the only hemp-derived ingredient you’re adding to your product.

You’ll find isolate in products like tinctures, where manufacturers use it to ensure they’re getting the highest concentration of a specific cannabinoid into their product.

It’s also becoming a more common practice to infuse cosmetics with CBD by way of an isolate. This helps manufacturers maintain the integrity of their product. They know they’re only adding a single cannabinoid to the mix, one that won’t impact the smell of their cosmetics. Additionally, CBD isolate mixes well with other oil-based products, making it a great way to infuse an oil or other topical solution with CBD in a safe and controlled way.

What’s even better, because CBD isolate is a powder, it’s extremely easy to add it to food and drinks. It won’t alter the flavor of what you’re eating, but will allow you to access the potential benefits users have noticed CBD to have. You can even make it into a sweetener to put into your tea or coffee daily. Just add CBD isolate to honey, or blend it with sugar or your favorite sugar substitute, and you’re good to go.

Who makes high-quality CBD isolate?

Because of the level of refinement necessary to make an isolate, it’s important to know where yours comes from. Look for compounds that are third-party tested for quality as well as made by a reputable processor.

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