CBG Distillate: Why It’s Been Growing In Popularity

By Noah Chen

While everyone’s heard of CBD and THC, fewer have heard of the rarer and more difficult to produce CBG. That’s because CBG, or cannabigerol, is the least understood of the cannabinoids. Yet, the more we learn about it, the more interest grows.

CBG could very well be the future of the hemp industry. Its rise in popularity may be akin to its THC and CBD cousins. While CBG may have similar benefits as CBD, its real value could end up coming through consumer demand for its potential therapeutic and holistic benefits.

Where does CBG come from?

Like CBD and THC, CBG comes from the hemp plant. It’s actually one of the first cannabinoids the plant produces, and the base for the development of other cannabinoids.

This is why CBG is rare. Wait too long to harvest hemp, and all the CBG becomes something else. Harvest too soon, and the flowers won’t have much of anything in them.

CBG distillate: the pure cannabinoid experience

One of the best ways to use CBD is as a distillate. Distillates are purified substances, plain and simple. While hemp flowers are full of vitamins, terpenes, waxes, amino acids, and other materials, CBG distillate is nearly 100% cannabinoid.

Using a distillate helps concentrate the potential benefits of the cannabinoid. This may allow consumers to experience a stronger effect.

The distillation process usually involves heating hemp flower and submerging it in a solvent. This encourages the cannabinoids to separate from the solid plant matter. Then, those cannabinoids are further separated. This happens either by boiling them off one by one, or filtering them through a secondary substance.

Either way, the resulting product is then thoroughly tested before it’s ready to go.

The potential benefits of CBG

We don’t know a lot about CBG when compared to some other cannabinoids. However, what we do know is already peaking the interest of researchers around the world.

Studies linking CBG to cancer have already begun. There’s a possibility that the cannabinoid will help shrink cancer cells, possibly getting rid of certain types all together. Users have also seen results with CBG as an appetite stimulant.

CBG and the immune system

Our immune system handles maintenance for a healthy balance of all our body’s systems. It’s an integral for normal, day-to-day functioning.

We know that CBG interacts with our immune system by binding to neurotransmitter receptors. This strengthens the actions of anandamide, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies, that regulates sleep and relaxation. Some CBG users experience a relaxing effect while their immune system gets a little boost.

The future of CBG is bright

Only time will tell what the future holds for CBG. Things look good though. The cannabinoid continues to gain notoriety throughout the hemp industry. Look for CBG in hemp-derived products to see if its beneficial properties work for you.
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