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Working with the Cannabinoid Dad

It’s really amazing, when you think about it, how many potentially useful compounds come from the cannabis plant. Beyond those well-known ones — THC and CBD — are a variety of others. Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of them.

CBG is a minor cannabinoid because of its minimal presence in the cannabis plant. However, it may contain useful medical benefits. This makes it yet another cannabinoid worth extracting for use in everyday products.


The Parent Cannabinoid

CBG is special when it comes to the cannabis plant. It appears early on in the plant’s growth, which is why it’s hardly around once the plant flowers. Its acidic, inactive form, CBGA is actually the father of most of the cannabinoids we know well. Undergoing certain chemical processes, as the cannabis plant matures, CBGA becomes the base molecule for most of the big six. This includes CBD, CBC, and even THC. Without CBGA, and CBG, hard at work during a plant’s growth, the hemp industry wouldn’t be what it is today.

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The Benefits of CBG

As with most cannabinoids, CBG shows promise as a potential treatment for a variety of health issues. Acting alone, or combined with other cannabinoids, studies and research are linking CBG to some very promising areas of medical support.

  • It may prove an effective treatment for glaucoma. It may reduce intraocular pressure.
  • As with many cannabinoids, CBG may also work as an anti-inflammatory. In previous studies CBG has proven useful in treating IBS.
  • A recent study linked CBG to Huntington’s disease due to the fact that it might protect neurons.
  • CBG may also work as an effective cancer treatment. It may have the ability, based on some studies, to blog receptors that cause cancer cells to grow.

Even more research is still being conducted to look at other uses for CBG. It could serve as an effective antibacterial agent and appetite stimulant to name a few other ways the compound may work.

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Access to More CBG

When you typically harvest a cannabis plant, there are only very small amounts of CBG left. By the time the plant flowers, the CBGA has already transformed into CBD, and other cannabinoids we know a little better.

To get the most CBG from a plant as possible, the trick may be to harvest before the plant flowers. Getting to the plants while still in its budding phase, there’s naturally more CBG to extract. The trick is deciding that’s what you’d like your hemp crop to produce. It requires advance notice, since once you harvest, there’s no turning back to extract other cannabinoids.

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Engineered Strains

Because CBG exists in such small amounts, new cannabis strains are entering the market with the promise of higher yields. These include specially-engineered strains like Mickey Kush, Magic Jordan, and Allen Wrench.

The Extraction Process

Extracting CBG happens in pretty much the same way as with other cannabinoids, through a chromatography process. This is where the processed hemp gets dissolved into a solvent, like ethanol. This separates the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. The solution is then evaporated to remove all the liquid and gas. What’s left behind is a pure concentration of CBG.

To preserve potency, after extraction, store CBG away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. From there, your extract can go into a number of different products. You can find CBG as crystals to melt under the tongue or sprinkle into a smoothie. It’s also made into tinctures, vape oil, or pre-rolls.

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Work with the experts for superior CBG

For hemp farmers looking to try their hand at harvesting early for CBG extraction, Arbor Vita8 is here to help. We’re a combination of industry experts, a high-end facility, and top-notch equipment. This allows us to help you create the best extract possible. From CBG to CBD, and everything between, our fully-automated, ethanol-based extraction process means a cleaner product for you, generated in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly way. Contact us today to learn more.