Celebrities Who Are Supportive Of Cannabis

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Whether we’re talking hemp or cannabis, there are some staunch supporters out there of our right to enjoy the green stuff. And, although hemp products are legal throughout the U.S., it’s nice to know who’s sitting in our corner, using their public platform to spread the green word.

Here are some outspoken celebrities known for their support and investments when it comes to cannabis.

Martha Stewart

Although her brand covers the ‘good things’ found in your kitchen and garden, Martha Stewart is taking her support of CBD a step further. She has her own, self-named brand of CBD gummies. She’s also in collaborations to create CBD products for the pet, food, and cosmetics industries.

Snoop Dogg

Frequently, these days, seen alongside his pal Martha, Snoop has been a long-time supporter of cannabis in all forms. This musical talent has openly smoked his fair share and even uses medicinal products to treat migraines. His connection to the green stuff has led to the naming of an actual marijuana strain after him. Look for Snoop Dogg OG.


Another heavy-hitter who has ventured into the world of cannabis is Jay-Z. Calvia is his company, which grows, produces, and sells CBD-based products of all kinds

Seth Rogen

After Pineapple Express came out, very few people doubted Seth Rogen’s opinions on cannabis. He leans more toward the THC side of the industry spectrum. He even has a houseplant strain of THC that claims to provide a smooth and calming experience.

Willie Nelson

Within the music industry, you’ll find plenty of talented individuals who openly support cannabis. But, when you have to think of just one, many think of Willie Nelson. His own brand, Willie’s Remedy, features products ranging from coffees and teas infused with organic, full-spectrum hemp oil to full-spectrum tinctures.

Michael J. Fox

Our favorite time traveling action, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991. Since then, he’s worked tirelessly in research and development to find drugs to alleviate the symptoms of his disease. Currently, there’s no cure. Through his own non-profit, the actor has funded several CBD-related studies. These have shown how the cannabinoid can help Parkinson’s sufferers by protecting brain cells and working as an anti-inflammatory

Mike Tyson

Plenty of athletes take advantage of the non-psychotropic characteristics of hemp-derived products. And, they aren’t afraid to talk about it. Some even take put their passion into a business venture. Boxer Mike Tyson has his own brand that includes a marijuana farm and weed business. He also sells products such as extracts, edibles and DWiiNK, hydrating CBD water.

Melissa Etheridge

This folksy singer organized the first ever Buddhafest whose goal was to promote the legalization of marijuana use. When she’s not organizing support, Melissa Etheridge is also an outspoken advocate for legalization on her own.

Kim Kardashian

While there seems to be a Kardashian involved in every lifestyle industry these days, it’s Kim who actually hosted a CBD-themed baby shower. She apparently did this because of the stress related to adding to one’s family. On a regular basis, Kim has admitted to using CBD gummies to help her fall asleep.

Gwyneth Paltrow

As a strong advocate for cannabis on her own, Gwyneth Paltrow has had a huge impact on normalizing the industry. However, she took a firm stance when her lifestyle brand, Goop, publicly endorsed it as well.

Kristen Bell

Going another route, Kristen Bell puts her support of cannabis into topical products. Her line, Happy Dance CBD skincare, includes body butter, a coconut melt, and a bath bomb, all infused with CBD.

Celebrities help the cause

No matter their personal reasons for using, or endorsing, cannabis, every time celebrities demonstrates the benefits they experience, the industry benefits. The stigma attached to marijuana and hemp greatly impact the discomfort people have with using it, buying it, and seeing it legal. Celebrities furthering the cause break this stigma down.
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