Could Hemp be the Future of Eco-friendly Buildings?

In reality, it feels like hemp could be the future of just about any industry. The plant is so versatile that it’s hard to not see all the ways it could disrupt existing industries for the better. That’s where the potential for eco-friendly buildings comes in.

Hemp and construction have a lot of potential to work hand-in-hand. While we do know that hempcrete could one day break into the construction industry as an alternate building material, we’re not there yet.

In the meantime, those looking for sustainable building materials are starting to turn their attention toward hemp for some very good reasons.

Withstanding natural disasters

Whether it’s intense weather or a lot of water where it doesn’t belong, constructing eco-friendly buildings out of sustainable materials may not only make them better able to handle natural disasters, but also easier to replace.

Concrete can weaken over time, especially if it’s diluted, in areas where weather is often extreme. As this happens the risk for structural collapse increases.

Hempcrete can not only insulate homes, but get used in the building of bricks. The inclusion of hempcrete could sustain buildings in certain weather conditions that concrete may not. This includes damp, humid conditions like those created during floods, hurricanes, or incredibly muggy summers. Since hempcrete is a more breathable material, it functions better in these environments.

Decreasing risk of fire damage

Hempcrete is also fire-resistant. In areas prone to fires (think California), a home made from hempcrete might not get completely destroyed when the flames rage out of control.

Even saving a portion of a home could make a big difference for those who own it.

Making homes safer

Another issue in homes, that’s not related to a natural disaster, is mold. Certain areas are more prone to mold, so are certain houses. Once mold gets in, it’s hard to completely get it out. Mold hides behind walls and under floors too. You don’t always see it until it’s too late.

Hempcrete, since it holds up so well in damp environments, is a great alternative for homes prone to mold. It can resist mold’s growth.

Where hempcrete may do the most good

For now, those with thoughts of sustainable buildings and eco-friendly materials are thinking ahead. Hempcrete could do a lot of good in disaster rebuilding projects. And, on the whole, it could make so many homes safer. 

Not only that, but since hemp is such a friend to the environment, with each crop, the plants are working to help clean up the air we breathe. The plant’s ability to naturally sequester carbon dioxide for good means each plant traps this harmful chemical in our air and never releases it no matter how the hemp gets used. The more hempcrete we can use, the more hemp plants we’ll need to grow. The more plants growing, the more carbon gets removed from the atmosphere.

Barriers still holding up hempcrete

Even though it’s easy to argue the sustainability of hemp, especially in construction, there’s always trepidation when something new comes along. Although the crop grows so much faster than other natural materials used in construction, and is so much gentler on the soil, prohibitions are still in place regarding the material.

Hopefully, down the road, we’ll be able to eliminate the pain points holding hempcrete up and allow it to gain in popularity. Until then, stay up-to-date on all the latest developments in hemp with the resources as Arbor Vita8. Not only do we sell competitively-priced wholesale products but we also maintain a digital resource bank that’s without comparison. Visit us online today to learn more.


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