Dealing With Chronic Pain Featuring Riley Kirk

In our last Riley blog, we covered her take on the types of pain and how some say hemp helps. Today, we will take a closer look, this time placing more emphasis on chronic pain. To recap, this is the kind of pain that can last for days, weeks, months, and possibly years on end.

On the other hand, acute pain is fleeting, and thus doesn’t affect people for as long. But as we established before, the vast majority of chronic pain sufferers aren’t fans of their treatment. As such, we figured it’d be good to delve deeper into the topic.

Nociceptive Vs. Neuropathic Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is so intensive, it even breaks down into further categories. Riley notes that the first, called nociceptive, “is similar to [an] acute injury.” Here, it happens usually as a result of damage to nerve endings. This “could be due to arthritis, or a back injury, or something like that.”

On the other hand, “neuropathic pain is very different… it’s actual damage to our somatosensory system.” This shoots the pain message to your brain without any direct infliction upon the nerve endings. Some things that can cause damage to your nerves resulting in neuropathic pain are… stroke, chemotherapy, or shingles.

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As always, we’d like to thank our esteemed guest Riley Kirk for spreading her extensive knowledge on chronic pain. We have a library full of collaborative articles with the wildly intelligent cannafluencer. Feel free to browse the category on our resource tab when you find the time. A lot of this information is eye-opening!

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