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By Noah Chen

While most people think of hemp seeds as a means to an end, others are aware that these seeds have a lot of value outside of farming. The plant itself has myriad uses, so why should the seeds be any different?

You don’t even have to farm hemp in order to get the most out of the plant. Take on the seeds and create a niche in the hemp industry all your own.

Here are some of the best reasons why you shouldn’t ignore hemp seeds.

They’re delicious and nutritious

Hemp seeds are full of the nutrients and vitamins our bodies need to thrive on a daily basis.

For starters, they’re a great source of protein. Our bodies use different types of proteins to build muscle mass in different areas, and it can be hard finding foods that deliver all the essential proteins. However, hemp seeds are a complete protein source. This means you could technically survive with them as your only protein source, but we don’t recommend it.

Hemp seeds are also a source of essential fatty acids. These are the good types of fat our bodies crave, not the excess fat found in fast food items.

The list continues when we get to vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E and nutritious minerals like potassium, iron, and zinc are also prevalent in hemp seeds, meaning this is one snack that always gives back.

They may do a little something for your health

All those nutrients packed within hemp seeds can do amazing things for the body. Arginine, for example, an amino acid found in large supply in hemp seeds, produces a molecule that dilates blood vessels, promoting relaxation and lowering stress to the heart.

Hemp seeds also contain linoleic acid. This molecule has been shown to lower elevated cholesterol levels, though exactly how this occurs remains unknown. The good news doesn’t change though; your cholesterol can still go down

They might make your rich

While you might need a sizable farm to get rich off hemp seeds, it’s not hard to make a profit off of them even if your farm is small. Hemp plants are easy to grow for seed and then harvest to sell as a food product.

They are often sold by the pound at an average price of $.06. While that isn’t a windfall on its own, the good news is a single acre of hemp can produce around 1,000 pounds of seed. After production costs get deducted, farmers can make between $250-$300, in profit, per acre.

The best thing about farming hemp for its seeds is that you then end up with plants to use as well. These can increase your profits when sold for fiber. This means you’re not only making money on the hemp seeds, but the stalk, leaves, and biomass as well.

For those farmers who also have livestock, in addition to crops, using home-grown hemp seeds for your own animals can help bring down costs. Animals love them, so even if you’re not selling them for human food, you can reap some financial benefits giving them to your own livestock.

There’s more to hemp than meets the eye

It’s important not to discount the tiny bit of plant that starts the whole growing process when it comes to hemp. Sure, the plant yields cannabinoids which make for lucrative extracts. The biomass can turn profits in paper, fiber, and more. But, just as valuable is that tiny seed.

To ensure you really understand your options as a hemp farmer, and the needs of the industry, partner with Arbor Vita8. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help guide you toward the best options for your hemp crop. Not only that, but our seed-to-sale array of services means superior quality every step of the way.

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