Do I Actually Want to Smell Like Cannabis?

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By Noah Chen

Cannabis has always connected to a strong, earthy, skunky odor. It’s the distinct smell that’s been outing smokers for generations. While you may have searched in the past for products that mask the pungent smell of cannabis, times are changing.

While it’s still illegal in some states, marijuana use is spreading, and hemp became legal in 2018. You can now buy and sell it all over the country. 

Since the cannabis plant is growing in popularity, it begs the question: Are people starting to enjoy its smell more? If they are, will they actually want to start smelling like the plant on purpose?

Our desire to smell like cannabis

The company Symrise has a vested interest in what smells people enjoy. After all, they create fragrance products that Americans interact with 20-30 times a day. Their scents are in toothpaste, candles, and cosmetics, among other products.

In a recent study conducted by Symrise, over 75 percent of polled subjects found it “definitely acceptable” for a cosmetic company to offer a product that also smells like cannabis.

This means there’s a budding market (pun intended) for cannabis-scented products. We’re already seeing various industries take note and take advantage of this new trend.

Cannabis fragrance is on the rise

A quick Google search reveals a bevy of cannabis scented products. You can even buy marijuana fragrance oil to purposefully put that earthy scent into your space without lighting up first.

The ever-identifiable cannabis fragrance has made its way into the world of scented candles as well. You can find high-end candle companies making cannabis-scented candles selling for over $50. This pushes the scent into luxury territory. Can you imagine walking into someone’s home for a dinner party, greeted by that familiar smell coming from a candle?

Maybe in its higher demand than we thought.

What’s driving cannabis fragrance popularity

While there isn’t a lot of data on what is driving this trend, experts do have some ideas. Over 91 percent of U.S. adults now support marijuana legalization. The popularity of the green stuff could directly relate to the comfort level we’re all starting to feel with cannabis’ smell.

The association people have with cannabis, and its scent, is helping change the landscape. Once cannabis had a reputation of being naughty, transgressive, and potentially dangerous. Now, it has positive connotations and optimistic potential.

As cannabis becomes easier to access, it stands to reason more people will build a positive association with the plant and smell. As this association increases, we’re sure to see more scented products capitalizing on this trend.
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